Friday, March 15, 2013

Max Payne 3 Review

Developer: Rockstar Vancouver
Publisher: Rockstar

(GameStop) Price: Xbox 360 (PRE $24 NEW $30) PS3 (PRE $28 NEW $30) PC ($40 Digital Download)

Release Date: 2012

ESRB: Mature 17+


Backstory (It follows the hero cop max Payne he has lost his wife and his daughter). He fills this void with alcohol and pill addiction. I know what you’re thinking that is so generic, but within the first 5-10 minutes I was converted. Max Payne cimea is well written and visual you have to get used to it but after a while you don’t even notice. It has sort of a weird noire setup.  Basically Max Payne gets in  some trouble by killing mobster son(he sort of a jerk)  in a bar but a guy named Passos( who just happens to be in the bar ) who went to academy with Max offered a nice retirement cushion job babysitting wealthy rich Sau Palo(South America). In these circum stances he really has no choice so he goes with Passos. While watching these rich snobs you see the interesting perspective of Max. About all these shallow people it makes us question how we think of other people and how shallow lives are. Majority of plot is about the beautiful Fabiana is kidnapped there also a BIG plot twist. Max has pulled himself together too hopefully and more successfully than (wife and daughter) save the girl.

·         Gameplay

Max Payne is father of slow-mo. (Bullet time) shooter. Countless games have used same concept even Red Dead Franchise.  It was oblivious then  that it  was going to make a comeback. They also have a cool kill cam when you ever clear a room the camera will follow your bullet and show bullet entering and leaving the body with all the blood gore you want. Impressive A.I (computer you fight in single player campaign) they will flank and listen to your foot steps and fight you and hunt you down. Rockstar will also help you when you’re on your last leg you will go into bulletime and be knocked off your feet then with rest of your clip kill the guy who shot you in first place so instead of dying you stay alive. This is helpful but annoying if you have a empty clip you are unable to do anything, this can be frustrating. Also Rockstar helps by giving you extra pain pills (health packs) when you’re stuck on a checkpoint. Max Payne 3 has no loading screens while playing through campaign. Loading screen are cleverly disguised as cut scenes. Some people don’t like lack of control caused by the frequent cut scenes. Cover system can be a little sketchy at times. The only reason I bring this up it because it make Max Payne 3 feels little repetitive if you play through the game on hard, old school and hardcore. So after third play through  if your compeltionist ( someone conquers everything in the game) campaign might get stale by 2nd or 3rd play through but then after that you have arcade what replaying campaign but this time you have do it perfectly. So game gets  repetitive after a while but in a sense every game get little repetitive once in a while. Then there are collectables golden guns, clues will keep you busy for a while. Then there single player grinds there like Call of Duty multiplayer challenges, but  then beat one it doubles so if you complete get 25 headshots then next one is will be 100 headshots.

·         Multiplayer
The multiplayer is actually quite chaotic fun with bullet time at full use during it . Soft lock is a control type it auto locks on enemy this may anger some people. Clans /crews are in full swing and Rockstar actually has a lot of hem from previous games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead. You can create your own classes and your own avatars. Max Payne 3 Is in Xbox’s top 100 played games so theres still plent of people.
·         Graphics/Presentation
It’s one of the most visual stunning games I have ever seen.   During cut scenes certain words are highlighted making their importance very apparent to the players. Max Payne 3 has several environments offices, favela (poor South American neighborhood) and the graphics show how far video games have came since the first Max Payne, which was in 2001. 
The verdict
Max  Payne doesn’t try win you over you relate with him everyone has been on their  back once in your life and everyone has lost someone so maybe max Payne is trying send us symbol that people aren’t  perfect or life can be flipped flopped at any time. Max Payne is easily looked over for being a videogame by most people but I guess they will never expirence  story of max Payne.