Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grand Theft Auto:5

 Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

            Grand Theft Auto is the game to beat in 2013. It has been in development since 2008. So that is about five years. Now, Rockstar is the studio that developed all of the other Grand Theft Autos and other great games.  Grand Theft Auto is all of Rockstar’s games combined. It takes driving from Midnight Club La ,hunting from Red Dead Redemption, and even has some drug runs from Smugglers Run and Bullet Time from Max Payne 3.
The Story  is really good in Grand Theft Auto five.Rockstar has done it again with a vivid tale of three protagonists. First, you have the Young Hood Franklin. Who wants to be at the top of gang world. Then, there is Michael ,who is retired from bank robbing game but he hates his life. He Has a cheating wife and his ungrateful kids ,it’s a parody of the 21st century family and how we are wired to are tech. Then there is Trevor, a crazy  odd one, he puts the  “M” in mature in this game.  The story is witty and deep in all the right ways like Franklin and his dialogue with Lamar Davis his best friend or Michael and his wife. This story is one what I highly suggest you either play or watch on YouTube. The Mocap ,motion capture acting, is amazing to see how much the actors actually look like the in game characters.   

Gameplay is broken down to three things gunplay, driving and the mini games. When you playing  in Grand Theft Auto 5, you have the option to switch between Trevor, Franklin or Michael,  and it happens seamlessly.There is a 30 second load screen in between switching. The combat is probably the most fluid its every been because of  the weapon wheel taken from Red Dead Redemption and with ability to buy a ton of ammo. Then, there is the fact that they all have their unique abilities such as Franklin being able to turn his driving into a slow motion sequence , Michael Turning into slow motion when shooting and Trevor has more of a rampage mode. Then in each mission you can switch between the characters so that makes missions way more replayable. 
Grand Theft Auto 5 is the full realization of tech , story and gameplay merging together. I cannot tell how much I have enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 5. It is truly a feat of gaming as a medium. I not going to beg anyone to play it but I am saying people are missing out of something truly unqiue.