Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Rules for College

·        9pm is the latest you can start a game (school Night)
·        8pm is latest you can Drink pop (school Night)
·         The calendar must be 3 months ahead
·        MUST FOLLOW 720 budget for video games
·        MUST FOLLOW 240 budget for eating out  
·         School performance  = Game playing  (school night) + 4 weekend
a.      95 AVG = 4 hours
b.      90 AVG = 3 Hours
c.       85 AVG = 2 Hours
d.      80 AVG = 1 Hour
·         All immediate homework must be completed
·         The 6 points hygiene must be completed
·         AT MAX 3 Dews a day
·        Only follow 200 people on twitter
·         Only accept friend request from people with over a hundred mutual friends
·         Download up to 10 songs a month
·         When a game hits 200 hours delete it
·         When you  100 % a game sell it on Ebay
·         Always give dad his change
·         Respect the Cop Car
·         Watch a movie a week (Netflix)
·         Beat 12 of current months game before you start the next one  
·         If you haven’t graduated college by the age of 26 Kill yourself
·          Post 4 blogs a week (summer)
·          8  videos a month (summer)
·         Always give it the college try (3)
·         Never own a mac
·         Always pack a jimmie
·         Never give up on your dreams
·         Never stop Gaming
·         Calling per week at least
a.       Jason 1 Mom 3 Dad 2 Zander 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Wolf Among Us: How I was Wrong

 Wolf Among Us 
 ESRP M17+
Price $25.00 
Reviewed on Xbox One 
Publisher/Developer Telltale Games

How I was Wrong. I played the Walking Dead Season 1 because everyone was talking about it but Honestly other than the Story I thought it was kinda of Mediocre. I really didn't enjoy playing through some parts of it. So when I heard The Wolf Among Us was coming out I wasn't to excited but once you get into it, you see that (personally)  Telltale has came along way from when, they released Walking Dead Season 1. I personally Believe that Wolf Among Us is far superior  in its flow and the way the story progresses.

Setting  2/2
The game is based on the Idea. That all of the fables (Cinderella, Tiny Tim etc...) have left their
happily ever after. It truly a unique set up and I really never found those stories to interesting but Wolf Among Us changes all that. The way the world is built up is so interesting because you these mythical being trying to scrap by New York and the way they interact in these  situations is really cool because its puts them in situations , that we wouldn't dream of seeing them in.

Story/Setting 2 points 2/2
 Now lets get on to the actual story. Light Spoilers You play as Bigby Wolf , Hes the the Sheriff in Fable Town. Bigby and Snow White investigate a Murder. The first one in fable town in along a time. This puts a huge amount of pressure  on Bigby and Snow White to Solve this murder. Bigby sort of a lone wolf type of guy. He seems to be a troubled guy , who puts in a lot of work for no payoff. He lives in the Dumpiest apartment in Fabletown. There are a lot of twists and turns in the Wolf Among US. The story flips table on you many times

Gameplay 2.8/3
The gameplay in Wolf Among Us, for the most part is enjoyable. I really liked being able to toss the people around a bit. I wish there was more consequence for messing up, there were a couple of times where, I missed a button press and nothing really happened. Don't get wrong it wasn't the worse thing for me because I'm mediocre at games but I still think there should be some type of difficulty. I always really liked the gameplay in the Telltale games some people complain about it but honestly I really like the flow  of it. It never feels pointless like in some games and the only reason you're fighting some guy is because of your actions not because villain magically comes back alive. It's nice for a game to have reason and not throw logic out the window. 

Performance -.8
I usually would not count this for a category but when the action picks up in Wolf Among Us the game chugs like no other. Usually what happens is that the game will get suck on one screen while the audio plays in the background. This is the one problem what took me out of the experience. It was the worst part of Wolf Among Us. 

Final Verdict  
  9/10  A Great Game:Sliver Rating:MUST BUY!
+The Setting 
+interesting Gameplay
 + unique take on the fairy tale charcters
-Chugging Frame rate?
-Too Easy

I Cant Bring Myself to Buy an apple product

Friday, February 20, 2015

Xbox 360's servers 2016 or 2018

The real threat is that Xbox 360's Servers are going to shut down in 2016. This makes me  afraid of the console lasting power. Don't get me wrong I like the Xbox One and the PC but I love my 360 and I have a HUGE back catalog through.

     I'm going to college so that works out perfectly for me. Just to play Xbox 360 games for awhile but if servers shut down in the beginning of 2016. That only leaves me with 5 months to get through all my games. I am a big achievement hunter , I hope there will be some way to get achievements after Microsoft pulls the plug. At least that would be my sliver limning.  The 360 I understand that, it would be 11 years old but, We haven't had a generation so modern and connected in my opinion. The rumor of 2018 sounds great to me,  this means I would have plenty of time to get through my games. There are also kids that literally just bought a 360 for Christmas and it would be pretty jank to shutdown the servers if Microsoft is still selling the 360 at Retail (also why is the 360 still like 200 Bucks)

Dear Microsoft
please don't shut down servers until 2018

From a Xbox Fan

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Updated 2014 Times for Gaming

1 Garrysmod 104 Hours
2CSGO 49 Hours
3 7 Days to Die 42 Hours
4 CS Source 25 Hours
5 X-Com Enemy Unknown 25 Hours 

Xbox One 
1 Titanfall 53 Hours
2 AC4 38 Hours
3 Wolfenstein:NO 31 Hours
3 Dead Rising 3 31 Hours 
4 Forza 5 29 Hours
5 Forza Horzion 2 23 Hours

1 Steam 430 Hours
2 Xbox One 291 Hours
3 3DS 19.5 Hours
4 Wii U 3 Hours

Top 3 YouTube Channels of Year

Every year , I decide what my favorite YouTube channels are.  
Boogie2988 is my first pick of 2014 because he is utterly hysterical. He does variety of gaming shows and talks about his life. Hes truly one of the Great YouTubers out there. He also has this Charcter named Francis who rages at Video Game Fiascoes, whats a great time and its nice to know some out there gives a damn about Assassin Creed Unity's microtransactions because, I am sure as hell Ubisoft dosent. Life videos are truly inspirational because it shows how sometimes in life you have to fight for right to just live a normal life. If you comment thanks then I know you made it to the end of this paragraph.

 Game Theory is my second pick. The only reason I didn't rank this higher was because it make my brain hurt (lol). Mat Pat the creator is just cool guy from the his nerd jokes what are only hysterical to me, he picks his games what are usually pretty topical. I love Five Nights at Freddy episode because it took a game what I thought was stupid and actually made it interesting and dare I say intriguing. Mat Pat is Truly a Nerdy Entertainer and I wouldn't want it any other way.

 Dorkly my third  pick is great for old gamers. The jokes are really good. Like Sonic jokes and skits like Walking Koopas. its play on Mario and Walking Dead.Dorkly is constantly making me laughing hysterically whether it's making fun retro games or modern games , either way it's a riot. Dorkly's writing is spot on and really witty. Dorkly is underrated YouTube channel and you should subscribe to them.

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Rating System

1-3 this IS the worst thing I have ever Bought Sawdust rating
4-6 Ok
7  not bad but not the best
8 Good  Bronze 
9 Great Sliver
10 Phenomenal Gold

Monday, February 9, 2015

3 top shows of 2014

Top 3 Shows of 2014
Louie C.K is one of funniest shows ever. He has a stand up right before all of his shows  just like Seinfeld only hes actually funny. Louie C.K is probably one of the most unluckiest guys ever and he has an awkwardness to him, that just make him hysterical. He a conundrum because in some aspects hes a terrible person but in other he a completely down to earth guy. You find yourself rooting for Louie in his endeavors even if it is one of the dumbest things ever.

Wilfred is great because it bends genres of television, its a Comedy, Mystery and philosophic journey. Few shows can make me laugh in general and then proceed to question of meaning of 21st century life. Wilfred is primary about this little bitch Ryan (Wilfred's words) and his Dog Wilfred but you don't know if hes actually a Dog. He's played by Jason Gann who has officially the greatest accent ever. If you dismiss Wilfred some little dumb show , you will be missing out.
Always Sunny is one of great shows on TV right now. its about 4 bars owners and a Dee (the girl pictured to the left). There some of the best chemistry on TV. I was utterly addicted to the show. I binged watched all 9 seasons on Netflix and never looked back. I was like a Crack feen when I heard season 10 was coming soon. I would call one of them out and tell you how great of job their doing but they are great at what they do.

These were all my favorite show of 2014 and I have watched through all these shows at least twice. Always sunny and Louie are still on the air. unfortunately Wilfred has ended but Season 4 still hasn't came to Netflix. I Still have some thing to look forward to. These shows are truly phenomenal  and go out watch them right now.