Saturday, September 19, 2015

Xbox One's Most Requested backwards Compatibility games

These are the game what people want to play again on Xbox One.  I personally don't understand why you would want to play one of these mega popular games again but I digress.  Here they are, voted in by the Xbox Community.

1: Call of Duty: Black Op II  98,974 Votes

2:Red Dead Redemption 91,978 Votes 
3. Skyrim 88,164 Votes 

4.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 78,877

5. Halo Reach 76,918

6. Call of Duty Black Ops 68,607

7. Gears of War 3 60,481
 8. Fallout 3 60,643
9. Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 57,566
 10:Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 51,539
I think if anything is apparent is that Call of Duty is by far the most dominant franchise of the Seventh generation. Bethesda did leave a big impact with Skyrim and Fallout. I'm not 100% sure which of these are confirmed for actually coming to current gen. I think that Call of Duty will go the Remaster route but Rockstar is bipolar when comes to its old games. Its hard to say what will happen to the Legendary Red Dead Redemption. Fallout 3 is coming back!

Did one of your favorite Xbox 360 game make the list? I personally wouldn't have mined L.A Noire, Saints Row 1-2 and Mafia 2.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Top Ten Games of All Time

Have you ever had game that made such impact, that it became one of your favorites. Well then this list is for you, These are my favorites. 
 1.Saints Row 2
This game was my first “surprise” game and what a surprise it was. This game blew my expectations, I thought it would be meh but it was awesome. I have a hundred and fifty in this game. I cant tell you enough, buy this game. The story is great, you can have three homies to follow you around (who are smart enough to get in a car and be characters from the main story). The Customization is ridiculous and there is a set of missions where you literally spray S### on peoples house to devalue it, that actually make sense lol.  Do yourself a favor and buy this game.   
2. Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun
When I hear RTS. You better be talking a base building, arming razing killing machine. I spent endless hours on countless computers  defeating Nods evil wraith and having a army that feels like thousands is pretty cool. There is tactical depth, a huge variety of Airships, Troops and Tanks. If any game needs a remaster this would be the one. 

3.Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a brutal and music centric game, that is awesome in concept and AMAZING in reality. This game is hard to describe from the heart pulsing music, the flashing color and the crazy thing you call a story.  

4.Batman Arkham Asylum
 If you ever wanted to be the batman, this game for you. I know there are three more sequels in this franchise but this one is my favorite. I feel its more linear and I kinda of like that, Especially more story driven game. This where a lot of story games lose me. I get side tracked and don't actually finish the main game.  Batman Arkham Asylum I beat in one setting at night and it is one of my most cherished game memories. 

5. Counter Strike Global Offensive

 I’m not huge multiplayer fan but I have over 3,000 kills with my bizion and I keep coming back there is nothing like jumping out of nowhere and getting a triple kill. This game is the most responsive game I have ever played. This would’ve been higher on the list but AWPS and AKS are a huge buzz kill. 
 6.Call Of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty used to be the greatest game franchise to me but as I started playing more games. I focused my attention else where but some thing kept happening. I started to hear these numbers and I knew, I had to go back. Black Ops campaign made it this high on the list. Nothing like being in Vietnam with Woods and trying to stop the soviets. Also jamming out to “sympathy for the devil”. The multiplayer was also a blast, it was my first taste of gun game and one bullet in the chamber.

 7.Halo 4
I never got into the Halo hype. It never got my interest but I did play A LOT of reach. That all changed with Halo 4. I was sitting in my room watching E3 2011 and then the Halo 4 trailer dropped and I was blown away by it. The games opening cutscene gives me goose bumps to this day. I loved the new emphasis on story. I did really enjoy the multiplayer but I don’t think it was as good as reach’s. 
8.Garry's Mod 

have you ever had a battle of hundreds of teletubbies. Then you haven't experienced life.
9. Goldeneye 64 
When I think of Golden Eye, I think childhood. Growing up, In a pre-internet world and with my family owing a N64. All I did or do was play Golden Eye. there just so many cool set peace. Dropping down in a bathroom, the whole Dam level and that creepy guy with the white hat, that gave me nightmares. 

This is one of those games, where it shows that gameplay trumps everything. This game is action packed thrill ride. I have countless memories of me and friend Gage titan punching full down. The game was skeleton but the steady amounts of updates have me coming back. 

 Well thats it, My top 10 favorite games. Did one of your favorites end up on the list?