Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best NCAA Created Player: McNugget

This is the best NCAA running back, but his career was cut short. His name is McNugget. He is a Junior in his career, he was made in NCAA 12, and I have advanced his career until 2014 when we didn't get NCAA game, so instead I made this highlight reel for him. Never Forget McNugget, 5' 5" 400-pound Brick Shit House.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Updating older games for current-generation consoles

I love playing older games on 7th generation consoles, but there are some small outlying issues. I wonder why can't we just update them? I know it would cost money but it could give you good will from the fans and spark a raise in digital sales.   

1. San Andreas: The Control Scheme 

There are few games that achieved what San Andreas has, so it's a true shame to see its old control scheme hold it back. And with the recent kind of remaster on the Xbox 360, there really is no excuse for the awful controls.They have improved but not nearly enough.

2. Just Cause: A Waypoint

The map is too big to not have a way point system. I have to constantly pause the game to see where I am, and sometimes I just don't know where to go. I know the game is almost a decade old, but I think a programmer could patch this in under an hour.The do have waypoints in missions so adding a player waypoint could really bring some life back to this Gem.
3. Farcry 2: A Waypoint/control Scheme

I played Far Cry 2 on the Xbox 360 and had a terrible time with basically all of it. I have played older first person shooters like Duke Nukem 3D, Turok and Call of Duty 2 but this game was just plain archaic in design to me. It's a real shame because from reviews I really thought I was going to get into it.
4. Halo: Combat Evolved: Tank

Ok I understand 343 Industries, you want to leave the holy grail that is the first Halo Alone but....... Whats up with the Tank, the Tank is not a tank. It looks like tank, it shoots like a tank but it is not a tank, it is a lie! What I am refereeing to is that you get no additional heath meaning you picked off almost immediately. Especially when they expect to kill a room full of enemys like a tank but your not a TANK!
5. Team Fortress 2 (Xbox 360): Bots
Team Fortress 2 was and still one of the best of the best when it comes to shooters but on console the community has a disappeared but any game almost decade old is expected but when your guy such as myself and you got into the Orange Box too late, then you are kind of left out. This game is great I play it on PC but I do wish I could play it on my Xbox 360 though.

Are any games you played on this list or do you think I complain to much. Is there a game that turned you off from ancient game design or something that you felt that was simply missing.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Gamerscore Gamer's Game of the Year 2016 (3 Games)

I have played many games over 2015 and I have selected my personally favorites. Here in no particular order are the best games of 2015.  ( also, not all of these came out, in  2015 but they still made the list because I played them in 2015) I have played many games over 2015 and I have selected my personally favorites. Here in no particular order are the best games of 2015.  ( also, not all of these came out, in  2015 but they still made the list because I played them in 2015)
Rocket League  (2015)

 There is only one sport game that made me feel like a Rocket Car flying through the air, That is Rocket League. This game was heart pounding and intense and with games being so short. I could play a couple games before work either way Rocket League was amazing in every since of the word.
The Wolf Among US (2014)
When I heard of The Wolf Among Us, I shrugged. This might of helped it because when I did play this game with the "ridiculous sounding premise". I was utterly blown away. The story was good, the Art style was awesome and it was interesting. I wanted to get to the bottom of the case and I wanted to change the way that people look at Bigby Wolf. I think in the Year of First person shooters with no story, I think it was really refreshing to see a game, take a story to new heights
Batman Arkham Knight (2015). 
 This was the one game that I was iffie on. On one hand you have the best combat in a action game this year, the best performance of Mark Hamil's joker and the conclusion to the last generation's definitive superhero Franchise. With that being said it's not perfect. The twist sucked with the Arkham Knight and the Bat Tank was a begrudging OK. I still think this game is easily one of the best games of the year even with it's few faults.

Honorable Mentions 
Halo 5: Gurdians
This would made the top 3 but the story was tooooooo big of a jump from 4. The multiplayer was good.
Hotline Miami 2
This Game had a good shot but I didn't much care for some of the level and story changes compared to the first one..
Light Saber Espcape 
I think for the pontinel for the Technology is what make this game the honorable mention.. Now if the actual game would of been a tad bit more controllable and actual a real game, then  it could be serious talk of this game making it on the big boy list.
 Call of Juarez 
I am going to come out and say it. I love this game. It was in my top 3 for at least half the year. I would of kept it up their but then the summer happend and they only beat it on scale but this game was a lot of fun. Wheter it was constant twists, the fun gunplay and that artsyle was awesome.
Halo 2 Remastered 
 It took me until halo 4 to get into halo fully but with the modernization of Halo 2, that all changed.
This remaster changed the way I look at remasters, this took the game to new heights and it felt like I was playing a new halo and I enjoyed every Minitue..

Did the games you play this year make the list. What was your Game of the Year. Did it include a browser/phone hybrid. Either way I hope you enjoy 2016 gaming. I will be conduction a poll of the peoples game of the Year but if you want to see the most anticpated games mine and yours click below.

The Most anticpated Games of 2016 by Gamerscore Gamer
Pepoles choice most anticpated game