Monday, February 27, 2017

GG'S 2016'S Game of the Year

Better late than never……Is what this gaming blog, said when it came to it’s Game of the Year 2016 article!  So with that elephant out of the room, Let’s see what the best games I played in 2016. Note it's the best games I played in 2016m so they are not restricted by year.

Honorable Mentions

Audio Shield (2016)
Have you ever wanted to disappear into another world or into your favorite song perhaps?  That's exactly what Audio Shield can do for you. It really does feel like you are not in the room you are actually in. The game is truly a testament of what VR can be. The game play is similar to a Rock Band or a Guitar Hero. What might not be revolutionary by itself but when you are placed in a VR Environment with your own music. It can be one hell of a show. I can't tell you how many hours I played of Audio Shield but I plan on leaving it with  shuffle on for a few more.

Tales from the Borderlands (2015)
 There is only two reasons this game didn't get a game of the year nod. One: last year I gave a game of the year to Wolf Among Us , that I consider a Masterpiece. The second: is that  I feel the story kind of drops off towards the end. I really like tales from the borderlands and the opening to episode 2 (pictured above) was absolutely amazing especially the song they used. It's been something I continue to listen too. The game is funny and engaging and took a property that I  questioned sense day one why Telltale would even bother making a story driven game based on borderlands and  they made me look like an idiot for even questioning it in the first place.  Tales from Borderlands might fix your Telltale fatigue, if you even have it.
Games of the Year

X-Com Enemy Unknown (2012)
 Four long years it took me to finally crush the alien menace. I like to blame it all on bad luck but I'm sure my tactics had a few things to do with it. I think X-Com Enemy Unknown is probably one of my top ten favorite games of all time. It's smart, thrilling and customizable. There was nothing like watching my Lebron James go from a punk ass busta to the the thrilla manilla. The game really pushes you to use real tactics and the lore around the game is fascinating. Luckily playing so late, I literally waited for like 2 seconds for X-Com 2 to come out and luckily it seems just as good as the first one. So with that, All I can say is good luck Commander!

Party Hard  (2015)
  Have you ever lived in a place where your neighbors are assholes and party all of the time? Well if you have , than party hard is your game. Party Hard in it's most basic form is a puzzle slaughter game where you have to dispose of people in a very quiet and awesome fashion and of course without getting caught. I really like this game because of it's smart way of tricking you into  solving puzzles.  Another Genre of game that I don't usually play was different and interesting enough to not only guarder my attention but also my respect. This is a game I could recommend to anyone. It has a real hotline Miami vibe and for me that is an awesome trait. So if you ever want to kill your neighbors such as me in the college dorms! Then pick up Party Hard!
Forza Horizon 2 (2014)
I really loved  the original Forza Horizon when it came out back in the day but for some reason Forza Horizon 2 kind of fell by the wayside. There wasn't any real reason, I think maybe I just got busy with other games. Now I see the errors in my ways. Forza Horizon 2 is an addicting driving game not a racing one. Where as typical racing games are all about who finished first (what horizon has) Horizon has many diversions than the typical racing game. Such as barn finds where you find old cars or where you race a train. Just simply mind boggler stuff and for a guy whose usually not a racing game fan, Forza has converted me or should I say more accurately horizon has converted me.

Did your favorite game make the list? if so, give it a share!