Sunday, June 11, 2017

31 Predictions for Xbox E3 2017

It's that time of year again, E3. Every year for the past three, I have tried to predict the shows of all shows Xboxes. This list is extremely late but lets see if my list is all smoke or maybe their is some fire?  

1. Xbox One Scorpio is Unveiled/Priced $449/Early November 
We are only one day from the unveil, I can't wait. I think Scorpio will be the name. Why? it's a cool name and the people who are going to go buy a Scorpio know the code name already. So why not make it simple for everyone? Also, the price is a compromise between Premium/ Average consumer price.  Also the date I think will be in early November to keep the tradition of new Xboxes coming out in November.
How Likely: Guaranteed
2. Original Xbox Games Come to Xbox One 
It makes sense because of how hard they have been pushing backwards compatibility as of late. It would also be a big middle finger to Sony. Also technically speaking if an Xbox One can emulate a Xbox 360 which can emulate and original Xbox, it shouldn't be the hardest thing to do.
How Likely: Probably  

3. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Play-anywhere Title  
This is my outta of nowhere guess. The PC version of RDR 2 is not announced and is likely to come out a year after the console versions just like GTA 5. I think it would be huge get for Microsoft. It would cause a surge of PC only gamers to jump on the Windows Store Wagon.   
How Likely:Not Likely 
4. Forza 7 is announced and is a Scorpio Launch title  
We all know Forza 7 is going to happen and racing games look very good on new hardware, so this makes ALOT of sense.
 How Likely: Guaranteed
5. State of Decay 2 is Now an AAA Title and dated for a fall release 
Microsoft's  Game Lineup is weaker than Sonys but Sony is having one hell of a year and they still have an Uncharted and a Crash Remaster waiting for them. Now I loved Halo Wars 2 but I see that it's not everyones cup of tea. Anyway,  Sony has been hitting home runs and Xbox has struggled to hit even more than a few. Now I personally loved Ryse, Halo Wars 2 and Sunset Overdrive but there aren't huge hits  other than Forza, Halo than it doesn't look those games are going to get sequels. So with all that, State of Decay 2 needs to be a bigger deal and I think it will. They already announced Co-op and  they have 4 maps. Which is three more maps than the first game. I think the game will be AAA and I loved the first game. So more SOD, Heck yes!!!
  How Likely:Guaranteed 
 6. Xbox Game Pass is going to get a lot of Attetion 
Game pass is extremely hot off the presses and a great service none the less. So it makes a ton of sense that they would promote the heck out of it at E3.

How Likely:Guaranteed
7. Sea of Thieves Delayed to 2018 
The games development has been slow but this makes sense for several reasons. One it's Rare's first non-kinect game in far too long and MMOs are really hard to make and require a ton of content.  I think Sea of Thieves is going to be great but I think it needs more time to cook in the oven. 

How Likely: Probably

8.Cuphead and Below are released during show  
These games are small indie games that have been cooking in the oven for sometime now, I would imagine they would be really close to being finished (if not already) and they would be a great one  last thing to do.  
How Likely: Probably

9.Crackdown 3 is now (Fall 2017)  or never (2018 & Beyond)
Crackdown 3 is the little game that could. I really think if C3 is done right it could be big as a Horizon Zero Dawn. I base this off the fact that it's a distant cousin of GTA and GTA is a montrosity of a juggernaut. Now can C3 reach the heights of a GTA 5? No but if it could even Gardner 1/10th of that audience it would be a huge success. The original Crackdown was the closet thing we got to having a great Robocop game and if this game is anything like that one, than I'll be happy. 
How Likely: Fall 2017 : Not Likely 
 How Likely: 2018: Probably 
10. Sunset Overdrive 2 is annouced
They need games and Sunset Overdrive was great, so this sounds like a no-brainer
 How Likely: 50/50
11.Ryse 2 is annouced 
This might be just me but I loved Ryse  and I would love for there to be a Ryse: Son of Greece or even Ryse: Son of Khan. There is so much potential for this franchise and even with bad gameplay (which could be greatly improved in a sequel), I had a lot of fun with it.
 How Likely:Not Likely
 12. Scalebound comes back in some form 
There have been murmors and rumors that this game still exists. So I think there is a fair shot that another studio has taken over the project and Scalebound will rise like a phoenix or should I say like a fire breathing dragon.
How Likely 50/50

13. Fable 4/Reboot made by Rare is teased 
It has been eight years since we have had a proper Fable game. I think it's time to bring Fable back. There is no other game franchise that is like Fable with it's cheeky British humor and industrialist fantasy world. #Bringbackfable 
 How Likely:Not Likely
14. Old First Party games get the Scorpio Update 
The way you sell people on this new box is to tell them that all of the games you already own are going to look way better. Give all of the old first party games the "4k" update and blow pepole's mind without them even having to spend a dime on games.
 How Likely:Guaranteed
 15.  Xbox VR is shown off 
I literally just read an article about how it's not going to be shown off so......
How Likely: 0%

16. New Third party short term exclusivity/ Tomb Raider
Microsoft has been aligning themselves with third parties for short term game exclusivity. Mostly just Tomb Raider to fill in the hole of Uncharted in their line up. Now due to the train leak, I imagine we will at least get a teaser if not a trailer for the next tomb raider.

 How Likely: Probably

17. New I.P (Gobo Studio)
I'm going to be honest, I never heard of this studio before they announced their partnership with Xbox. Now all they have worked on really is Disney Infinity. This leads me to believe that they will make the first Xbox Mascot game. For Example Xbox Kart Racer or an Xbox Fighter game. I would lean toward the kart racer if I had to bet.  
  How Likely: Probably
18.A New DC Game is Shown off
 After Sony dropped the Spiderman bomb shell. I think Xbox will have an exclusive with DC but it will at least unveiled at Xbox Conference.  I think it will be Origins teams rather than Rocksteady.
 How Likely: Probably
19. Old OG Xbox I.P is Revisited
With Voodo-Vince and Phamtom dust, Xbox has been digging in the past and what better time to revive an old Xbox franchise. Pefect dark? Brute Force?
How Likely 50/50
  20.   Controller is slightly changed for Scorpio
It has already been hinted at, might be that the elite controller is packed in with Scorpio. If it is a new upgrade, can they really even improve perfection?
 How Likely:Guaranteed
21. Fable Remastered Trilogy is Announced
The reason I put this on the list is that Xbox has been remastering a lot of their old IPS and Fable 1 remaster is almost unplayable from what I have heard. So this to me makes sense.
How Likely 50/50
22. Minecraft is talked about is some form 
 You know there are going to talk about it in some form......
How Likely:Guaranteed

23. Microsoft pushes there version of twitch Mixer
They renamed beam two weeks ago to mixer. If you go to the Xbox @ E3 page Mixer is getting promoted to all hell. So I would imagine it at least get mention if not shoehorned into a game presentation or heck maybe even in the Xbox Scropio presentation.
How Likely:Guaranteed
 24. Microsoft pushes the early access games 
 For the past few years Xbox has been having early access games come to the marketplace. For Example Slime Rancher, The Culling and Ark Survival. It makes sense for them to continue this because makes Xbox even more unique as a platform, Also Ark Sold over a million copies and I would call that a success.
How Likely:Guaranteed

25. Anthem has a Gameplay Reveal
  The only reason I know this is because I watched EA's Confrence and they said that the Gameplay reveal was going to be at Xboxes stage. With that said the game looks like a cross between Evolve, Titanfall and Destiny. More Please?

How Likely:Guaranteed
26.  AC Origins is shown off  
Game Informer leaked that this game is "better" on  Scorpio section and in the leaked on the article. I imagine their going to official reveal at the Xbox Conference. Reboot for AC, Reboot for Xbox, Make the world go round!

How Likely:Guaranteed

27. The New Forza Horzion Studios Project teased 

 (Wild Cards)
28. Halo or Gears Brings gets an X-Com type of treatment by Firaxis
I would play it, would be a dream of mine but Firaxis is busy with Civ 6 and X-Com 2 DLC. Even with that, I think it would be cool to see what they could add to the lore or what time period it would take place in or what soldiers would be used maybe the X-Com squad would be ODSTS instead of Spartans and also customizing my own Spartan or gears soldiers would be a blast. I know there are mods for X-Com 2 to make your squad into Halo Squad but that is only paint, I want the full car.

29.Nintendo Trade off
I think with Minecraft coming to the switch has opened the Big N and Xbox relations. I think Xbox and Big N ganging up could potentially knock off Sony on it's first spot. I would think it would be maybe a game trade or Chief jumping to the new smash?  Anyway them doing any of this would cause shock waves threw the industry.
30. Halo Spin-off

Would be amazing and after Halo 5. I think Chief could use the break. Also the Halo side stories I find to be fascinating because  just being a grunt in the Halo Universe puts halo on it head. 
31.  Banjo-Kazooie 3 or Reboot by Rare  
One can only hope.......

Do you agree with my list, do you think I'm wrong. Leave a comment or share!