Thursday, September 26, 2013

Microsoft and Apple , Will They Be Relevant in 20 years

With apple losing there visionary Steve jobs in 2011. I’m interested in seeing their future innovations without the guidance of Steve Jobs. I feel there just going to keep repeating same products over and over  until people start getting tired with their ideas such as the iPod or IPad, now don’t get me wrong there is nothing really wrong with these devices (except using a IPad as a office device when its clearly not for that). Heck I going to invest in a iPod , I wanted apps and songs ( don’t worry I not going to buy them ,YouTube to mp3) . I’m not worried for apple at the instant but apple in 10 years because the  PC market is going down ( It’s because a windows 7 computer can last probably last 7-10 years  without you needing a new PC, causing the pc market not crash, but  to go down and then plateau) and then the fact that android owns the market with 80% of the phone market and Microsoft owning 90% of PC operating systems (aka Windows) .   Let’s talk about my boys  Microsoft, other than their impenetrable  windows operating system and office. Their surface and windows phone is considered  a work in progress their fairly new into market but the surface tablet does look like it has potential to be next big  thing with the surface 2  with it being 20% faster and 60% longer battery life  but with that said its still hemorrhaging a billion dollars but with Excel , PowerPoint and Word I think its next  up incoming tablet in the market. Then there windows 8 which is called the  “new vista”. Then there is the  Xbox my  pride and joy of the Microsoft but with terrible reveal of Xbox one I’m still little worried especially with PS4 capitalizing on their mistakes.
I’m really interested to see how these tech giants will do in the future with changing markets and jerk off skeptics.
William Townsend