Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Ten Most Anticpated Facebook Gaming Group Games for 2017

I asked 7 Facebook gaming groups, what their most anticipated game was and here are the results
10. Halo Wars 2: 12 Votes

Release:February 21, 2017
Platform:Xbox One, Windows 10
How do I feel: I loved the first Halo Wars and I can't wait for the second. Also having the first one remastered on PC to tide me over is great!
9.  Scalebound: 13 Votes

Release: 2017
Platform:Xbox One, Windows 10
How do I feel: I have to see more but it looks cool!
8. South Park Fractured Buthole: 18 votes

Release:  QTR 1 2017
Platform:Xbox One,PC, PS4
How do I feel: Love the show, love the first game, Make love not Warcraft!  7. Cuphead: 26 votes
Release: 1945+ 72
Platform:Xbox One,PC
How do I feel:Looks awesome, love the art style and can't wait for it!
 6. Resident Evil 7: 35 Votes

 Release:January 24, 2017
Platform:Xbox One,PS4, PC
How do I feel: Looks amazing as a VR game but as guy who played Resident Evil 4-6, little puzzled why this is not a NEW I.P but it will probably be the Assassins Creed 4  of Resident Evil.

5. Persona 5: 40 votes
Release: February 28, 2017
How do I feel: I have no clue what this is but I think it has something to do with rule 34?  4. Horizon Zero Dawn: 51 Votes
Release: February 28, 2017
How do I feel:I still need to get through all of my other PS4 games first, Uncharted, LOU and Ratchet and Clank.
3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild: 64 Votes
Platform:Switch, Wii U
How do I feel: I'm excited but in the same boat as Cuphead, will it ever come out!
 2. Red Dead Redemption: 76 Votes
Release: Fall 2017
Platform:Xbox One, PS4
How do I feel:

1. Mass Effect Andromeda: 137 Votes

Release: March 2017
Platform:Xbox One, PS4,PC
How do I feel:Haven't played any of them..........

Did your most anticipated game crack the top 10 or.... did it end up like mine (crackdown 3). Thanks for reading and have a nice day!   
Groups Asked (The Gamerscore Gamer Page, Kinda Funny, Podcast Unlocked, Saints Row IV, Best Bot Gamers, The Gamerholics, The Gamerholics, Gaming Battlegrounds)

 Honorable Mentions

Crackdown 3 11 Votes
Sea of Thieves 11 Votes
Prey 8 Votes
Spider-man 7 Votes
Knack 2 7 Votes
Ni No Kuni 2 6 Votes
For honor  6 Votes
Guardians of Galaxy 4 Votes
God of War  4 Votes
Death Stranding  4 Votes
Injustice  3 Votes
Mario Switch  3 Votes
Dark souls 4 3 Votes
Nier Automata 3 Votes
Tom Clancy Ghost recon 3 Votes
Destiny 2 3 Votes
Tekken 7 2 Votes
Shumue 3 2
Borderland 3 1
Crash bandicoot 1
TNMT: someone fix 1

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