Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halo 5 Guardians: Twice the Story,in Half TheTime.

 Halo 5, how to even start, with such a legendary franchise. Halo has been around for over a decade and even created a console. I just want to say, I had an amazing time with Halo 5. I beat the Campaign one sitting. That is good in one way and bad in another. So with that out of way lets start

Story 3/4

 The Halo 5 campaign is a certainly interesting cookie to say at least. Lets just say without going to deep. That Agent Locke is hunting chief . This is would be fine but the story in this case has to many twist and turns. You got a war here, three new characters here and new colonies. Another debbie downer is the fact that You only play Master chief  in 3 missions out of 15. The fact there is 15 missions makes the game sound long. It only took me five and half hours to beat the game on normal. This is the shortest in franchise by 1.5 hours.   Don't get me wrong the story is good but it is maybe a little to winded for its own good. 

Mutiplayer 4/4
A cup of tea for everyone. This game got something for You. You want a massive battle, You want small squad based game. Its like  a drug dealer and its dealing Halo Multiplayer. As fan of both of big battles and smaller squad based games, this really grew on me. I have been having a blast. Whether it's buying a tank in Warzone and proceeding to make it rain with brimstone and fire or wiping out half of a team in Breakpoint. The game excels in multiplayer and 60 FPS doesn't hurt either. Multiplayer is great because it mixes new with the old, whether its new mechanic of aim down the sights but then goes old school with fact that your sprint and health are connected, making the game slower than your typical shooter. It's gets away with by being solid and down right fun. 

Misc  2/2

 This is where the quality and "Launch" day is gone over and just to say plain and simple. Everything worked fine. I had no matchmaking problems at launch. The game worked perfectly fine for me. The game looked amazing from monumental robotic structures or going to the covenant home planet is awesome.  

  Final Breakdown
At least in my eyes, Halo is still better than ever. Even though the story takes some miss steps. It still is one of the best around and the multiplayer is arguable the best in the Franchise and heck even this year. 

+ Warzone
+60 FPS
+ Master Cheif back in black
-Story stretches to thin 

9/10 I would recommend it!


Halo 5
Platform:Xbox One
Release: October 27th