Monday, November 25, 2013

My Xbox One Impressions

The Xbox one is very interesting. The Xbox one runs on windows kernel what’s a modified version of windows 8 metro screen. The interface is annoying and customizable at the same time. It hard to figure out where you are after you have opened a couple of applications. It also a note that almost everything is application now. Even my achievements it’s sort of stupid but does have benefits like an overall percentage on each game. Then on side note you cannot check Xbox one achievements on or smart glass, even though your support to be able to at least on smart glass,.
          So after that rant let’s talk about everyone favorite part is the installs. The Xbox one and PS4 require you to install games. This takes forever me guestimate about 3 to 4 hours. Now this might’ve helped battlefield 4 wow me. I finally got in game and played the campaign and it was easily the best looking game I have ever seen. The cinematic and gameplay are awesome in every aspect. It didn’t matter how many video you watch you will never comprehend it until you see it on a 1080p TV. It really shows how games are getting to the point where realism and gameplay are starting to merge together.
The Xbox one is a mixed bag at current moment. The games themselves look awesome but the insane downloads of the disk and odd interface decisions are holding it back. I think you can buy Xbox but just remember the Xbox will evolve over time.