Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Xbox Scropio is a MONSTER

Put price and weird Microsoft polices aside. The fact that the frame rate for all games are going to be the same on Xbox One and now Scorpio. I think the real thing to take out of this is just the grand power of these machines. How do you tell, Belly flops? nope Teraflops!

Here is a chart comparing my PC named thor vs neo (rumored) vs ps4 VS NEO vs current Xbox one

my PC has 3.2 Teraflops (GTX 770)

Thor can play games at  4k. Battlefield 4 on medium and Max Payne 3 on Ultra just fine. So your going to have a console with almost twice the power and is going to have a lot more optimization. When I see people complaining that it won't be able do Native 4k or this isn't a real upgrade you're high.  This new Xbox is a best and best than most PCS. I have another PC with two GTX 980TIS, I call it Thanos but I could not get an Accurate Teraflop number for an SLI configuration but one 980TI has 5.83 Teraflops now the 980TI is one of the best cards out there and the New Xbox still beats it. Face facts Xbox One Scorpio is a monster of a Console.