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28 Xbox predictions for E3 2016

E3 is one week  away and it's time for predictions.

The How Likely Scale
Not Likely

1. A slim Xbox One will be announced 
I already have two Xbox Ones, so their going to have to blow my mind for me to get a slim but I'm still excited for a slim.  We all know the current Xbox One desperately needs this slim down.So I would bet money the  Xbox One is going to lose some weight.
How Certain: Guaranteed
2. Halo Wars 2 gameplay debut and dated 

I love base building RTS'S of the olden days such as Command & Conquer. Halo Wars for being an RTS worked very well on Console. So naturally I was very excited when a Sequel was announced for a Side franchise what I thought was dead.
How Certain: Guaranteed

3.  Forza Horizon 3 announced and
Forza Horzion was my introduction to  Forza and ever since than I have been hooked. I like Forza Horzion more than main line Forzas. I can't wait for Forza Horzion 3 this Fall and this makes a lot of sense compared to their release schedules in the past.

How Certain: Guaranteed

4. Halo coming to PC (project Helix)

If Microsoft is serious about appealing to PC gamers they need to do two things. Windows Store needs to be completely revamped and Halo MCC or Halo 5 needs to come to PC. This will gets an immediate rush of people from PC side to play Windows Store games and they will sell a ton of PC Halo.   
 How Certain: Not Likely 

5. Halo 6 Teaser Trailer
  I liked Halo 5 when it came out. The Multiplayer was good but the story was confusing and muddled to say at least. It's especially weird because a lot of people felt the oppositely about Halo 4 ( Story good, Multiplayer bad). I loved Halo 4 it was amazing and it made me fascinated with the Master Chief's story and 5 was bummer. I feel that Halo 6 should end the saga of Cheif's story and maybe give 343 Industries some room to do something different with Halo Universe maybe another  reach type of game.

How Certain:probably

6.  New I.P/ Third Party Exclusive
Microsoft for the past couple of years has been really good with surprising us with new games or third party exclusives. Crackdown, Ryse and  Tomb Raider. I don't know what it will be this year but my bets are over the place. 

How Certain:  probably 

7. Xbox Scorpio 
Good idea or a bad idea only time will tell. I personally scratch my head but at the same time I get it to. If the Neo exists ( as time goes on it seems more apparent it does) It would be very bad to have this beefed up monster compared to a launch Xbox One but you got to worry about splitting the fan base, different versions of  games. This could get very messy. 

How Certain: 50/50

8. Sea of Thieves and Cuphead released during the show
I feel that both games are going to be only digital and home runs critically and  financially .It would be a huge surprise to banzai everybody with them , with that said both of these games are day one purchases for me. 
How Certain: 50/50

9. Gears 4 Trailer
 I am personally not excited for Gears 4, I've always been more of a Halo and Fable guy opposed to Gears but hey gears 4 is a new jumping on point  for noob such as myself, s so let the best man chainsaw another to his doom!

 How Certain: Guaranteed

10. Xbox Stream Sticks 



 How Certain: 50/50 

11. A QB reminder trailer
Do you focus on the Future or the past or do you bend time? Either way Quantum Break came out not that long ago and  I bet in someway or another Microsoft is going to remind that hey this super sweet game that still exists. I would imagine a Trailer for DLC or maybe even tease for a sequel. I don't know it's E3 anything can happen!

How Certain: probably 

12. State of Decay's dev announces a new game
I loved State of Decay and I'm really ecstatic to see what these guys make. I think they might be the first studio to make a MMO zombie game that doesn't suck but they did make that weird mobile Pokemon game so no one knows what Undead labs will do for there next game.
How Certain: probably 
13. ID @ Xbox montage trailer
Like come on, You know there going to do it. 
How Certain: Guaranteed
14.  Scale bound trailer and dated 

Scalebound looks amazing and it doesn't get better than Platinum games. Bayonetta was awesome and so was Vanquish so I'm just gonna keep playing Skyrim while I'm wait for Scalebound. 
 How Certain: Guaranteed

 15.Recore shows first gameplay no date

 This game has my curiosity but now it has my attention. With one week to go, I can already imagine a stellar demo to blow my mind. This could be the next huge Xbox game and I'm already digging their style so will have to see.

 How Certain: Guaranteed

16. Crackdown (3)  trailer and dated 
AGENT!  You need to play Crackdown 1 before reading the rest of this. Waiting....  Waiting now that totally stocked for Crackdown 3 get hyped! this going to best the Xbox Exclusive for 2016/2017 mic drop. I can't wait to be Robo cop for the secondish time.  
How Certain: Guaranteed

17. Xbox One Anniversary Update releases

This would be easy win and it's been an development for a while so dropping this during E3 makes a lot of sense. 
How Certain: Guaranteed

18. Halo Online Comes to Xbox One 
You can never get enough Halo and people obviously want this Soviet Russian Halo because even I know people who have bootlegged this. I think at least it would be an interesting addition to the halo line up and it give people something to do while waiting for Halo 6. 
How Certain: Not Likely 
19. Holo lens demo 

I think they probably do this but if their is no big updates on tech or a release date I could see them not doing another Holo Lens demo but will see. 
How Certain: 50/50  
20. Oculus partnership for Xbox Scorpio 

I do see merit in this. The Rift is better than PS VR and this would give Microsoft a huge advantage when it comes to Virtual Reality, especially if Xbox Scorpio is more powerful than  the Playstation Neo.  
How Certain:50/50

 21. Gigantic Gets a Trailer and is released during the show
 I have heard a mixed bag of news on this game some say it changed publisher, layoffs and had a delayed beta. I put it on list because I still got a feeling that it will show up this year. It's not my thing but I still wish you luck if you're looking forward to it.

 How Certain: probably 
 22. A slew of Backwards compatible games announced 
People keep asking for like five super specific games like Red Dead, Skyrim and MW2...... So This again would be a super easy win and still remind people that Microsoft does that thing that Sony charges you for.

How Certain: Guaranteed

 Wildcard Predictions

23. Fable 4 Teaser 
No one would expect this right? I was devastated when Lionhead was shut down. I do know one thing definitively about Fable and that is that it needs to be made by a British Studio and with the recent comeback of Rare, I think there is a glimmer of hope for Fable to start another journey. 
 How Certain:Not Likely

24. Banjo 3 Teaser 

I can dream can't I but hey rare is on a comeback? 
How Certain: not Likely

25. Kinect will be built into Xbox Scorpio 
Don't kill me but I really like the voice commands on the Xbox One. So if there going to all this trouble to make a super Xbox why not throw in a Built in Kinect?

 How Certain:Not Likely
26. Steam and Xbox integration 
A website popped up a couple of months ago it was something to the affect Xbox.Steampower or something like that but there supposedly a lot of work being done to it. I could see this as maybe another way to lure PC gamers to Xbox?
How Certain:Not Likely
27. Ryse 2 or Dead Rising 4 announcement 

I think I would want a Ryse 2 more than a Dead Rising 4 but I think Dead Rising 3 went over well and it was my first game I beat on  Xbox One and really did enjoy it  but I got engrossed in the story of Ryse.  I feel Ryse 2 could be the game what Ryse 1 was suppose to be just improve the gameplay and boom it goes from an 6-7 out 10 to a 8-9 out of 10.
DR4 How Certain: probably
Ryse 2 How Certain: not likely 

28. Golden Eye Remaster
I have heard inkling here and there and this remaster, I think would be big enough to even be a killer app just because sheer amount of prestige and nostalgia tied to golden eye. 
How Certain: Not Likely 

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