Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ten Ways Call of Duty WW2 Can Bring Back the Franchise

  A New year, A New Call of Duty. That has been the case since 2005. This used to be fine because the quality of the games and the creatively was extremely high but recently Call of Duty Fatigue has really taken hold. I would say since Call of Duty Ghosts (2013/4 years) That the Franchise has struggled but this year is different because instead going farther in the future there going way back, Some would say to there roots. Now I haven't bought a Call of Duty NEW since Ghosts, so I wrote a list of how this New Old Dog can win me back.

1. Change the Name 
We have been to World War 2 four times before this new Call of Duty. Don't get me wrong, I know there trying to get back to basics but this seems maybe a little too on the nose.
Here's five titles for them to use ( Free of Charge)
Call of Duty 5
Call of Duty Band of Brothers (Rumored Co-Op Campaign) 
Call of Duty Fight Against The Third Reich
Call of Duty The Greater War than One ( Maybe Knock on Battlefield?)
Call of Duty Not a Dumb Name

 2. Do Something Truly New

A lots of the problems with Call of Duty is that it has spent so MUCH time in World War 2 it's hard to say what they can really explore. There going to have to give these to new Cod players WW2 classic experiences ( Normandy, Fall of Berlin)  but at the same time add enough new to drag some of us who have played most of the CODS since 2.  I wouldn't personally mind playing French resistance soldier, in Nazi occupied Paris it would almost have a Wolfenstein Feel to it.
3. If You don't do something than blow the roof of the house
 Since were going with World War Two than bring it back with a bang. Do Normandy to a scale it's never been done before. Thousands of soldiers charging the beach. Soldiers dying left and right. If you are going back to World War Two than it has be something great. Make this the Saving Private Ryan equivalent in Video games.
4. Make Some Memorable Characters 

Name One Character in the Last Five Call of Duty Games, I'll Wait
My List
2016/Inf Warfare/None
2015:/Blops 3/ None
2014:/ADV Warfare/ Ironside/ Kevin Spacey
2013:/ Riley The Dog
2012: Old Man Woods/Alex Mason's Kid
Now that we found that to be fruitless. It's time for Call of Duty to start making some memorable characters again.
5. Co-Op Campaign (Rumored)

Would this fix all of Call of Duty's Problems, No but it would definitely be a step in the right direction. A Couple of things to keep in mind about a Co-op campaign. Hopefully it isn't just shoehorned in to add an extra bullet point to the back of the box. Also I hope levels are bigger because last thing we need is two players trying to get through corridor, just getting stuck all of the time. Also a Split Screen campaign would be amazing, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is doing a split screen campaign , so there are no excuses this time COD!  
6.  Multiplayer:Stick to the Ground
Now Call of Duty take a deep breathe. I know you wanna add jet packs, ridiculous customization and perks that turn you into superman but you don't have to do that. Activision no stupid B.S Micro-transactions. If Call of Duty is truly returning to it's roots go back to 2008 where all the DLC was just the season pass and even that has kind of been taken away in recent years (SWB2/Titanfall2).
7. Cool Side Mode

Sidemodes have been a staple of the franchise since 2008 and they used to be great! Whether it was Zombies on World at War or Specs Ops Missions on MW2. There used to be a lot of great/fun  side activities.  I don't think I  want Zombies this time. I would rather have a Specs ops mode set in world war 2. Where you have to save hostages from Nazis or infiltrate a base or heck why not we kill Hitler this time. Also since this kind of rebootish game will zombie main guys be back or not, if they go the zombie route? I don't know what there going to do maybe something new but I doubt it!

8.  Don't bank completely on Celebrities
I can tell you what actors played in the last three Call of Dutys but not who they played and that is a huge problem. Don't get me wrong they can have big actors in Call of Duty but recently the actors have over shadowed their characters. I think they need to go back in time where the character really didn't look a lot like who they were playing. Sutherland was Roebuck, where Kevin Spacey was Kevin Spacey. It would simply add that extra level of immersion. It would also let this new Call of Duty game characters stand on their own rather than a real life actor.

9. Be a Dude Not a Hero   
In the last few games you have played as a complete god! not in the sense of even being a elite soldier (CIA,SAS) but just plain Rambo. Don't get wrong this isn't worst thing but it I would like it and I think the majority of people would like it if we went back to the Cod 2 or WAW where we were  just privates in the army.

10. Throwbacks

If you're going back anyway, why not have some old characters show up from time to time. It doesn't have to be a huge thing but a couple of cameos or nods would be appreciated because Call of Duty ora or history. COD does owe so much to it's world war 2 setting

Agree, Disagree? Are not going to buy Call of Duty WW2 regardless of what they do?

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