Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 Predictions For Xbox E3 2015

   Well alas E3 is coming is one month away (counting may as the only one). So its Prediction time.

1. Halo 5 gets a Campaign Demo on Stage

   It makes sense they had the beta to show off the Multiplayer but they have been building a lot of hype for the story this time around and I think it will be featured. Its Microsoft's biggest Franchise.
How Certain: Guaranteed
2. Xbox One OS will be revamped
Xbox One OS is god awful. I have not a clue how to do anything and its been almost two years. I usually yell at Kinect what does everything for me. Also Windows 10  and Xbox One are suppose to get interconnected in such?
How Certain: A 50/50 Shot
3.Scalebound Gets a Gameplay Trailer
Platinum games has released Bayonetta, Bayonettta 2 and Vanquish. Where do I insert the money this could be Microsoft's Bloodbourne . This game has huge phenomenal to be amazing.
How Certain: Probably
4.Forza 6 Trailer

Forza 5 was good and Forza Horzion 2 was better and this will be a slam dunk and hopefully with the extra time in the life cycle, the guys at turn 10, have gotten more next gen out of Forza.
How Certain: Guaranteed
5. Gears Trailer and Dated for 2016

People say 2015, I say 2016. Its only been a year since Microsoft bought the Gear's IP back from Epic
How Certain: Probably
6. Tomb Raider Gets Gameplay and Dated for release

Tomb Raider the Reboot has sold 8.5 Million copies, sure its shot term but a exclusive is a exclusive.
How Certain: Guaranteed 
7. Halo Online is announced for Xbox One 
I think its unlikely, but we can still hope?As long as its not terrible or has a ton of microstrasactions.
How Certain:Unlikely 
8. Xbox One loses some weight 
 As much as we love are Xbox One, hes pretty beefy and it would hurt for him to shed some weight
How Certain:probably 
9. A New Exclusive, First Party  IP gets announced for E3    

 Xbox could use the extra fire power and its been confirmed by the Head Xbox man himself,Phil Spencer.
How Certain: Guaranteed
10. Inside Gets Released during E3
Its not exclusive by any means but there is a ton of Xbox love for limbo check out the Xbox Boss.
How Certain: 50/50
11.  Alan Wake Remastered is Announced
 Seems like a no brainier to me, Alan Wake was Epic.
How Certain: probably 
12. Indie Montage  (for the games that originally skipped Xbox One)
Ok maybe not Killing floor 2 but I think there going to make a huge point for indie developers, that skipped Xbox because of the parity clause. ( Examples The Forest, Octodad and Abe's Odyssey).
How Certain: Guaranteed 
13 Halo Wars 2 gets announced

 Halo Wars was a RTS, that worked on consoles and it was teased in the Phantom Dust trailer. 
 How Certain:probably
 14 I think Kinect will get "some" screen time 

 The Kinect 2 works and after being forced to own it. ......I would actually buy it again. 
How Certain 50/50
 15. Phantom Dust Gets Gameplay Trailer

 Its been through some sketchy development but Microsoft reaffirms, it still exist.
How Certain:Probably
 16. Battle toads gets a trailer and .....maybe gets dropped during the show

 Its going to be a nostalgic hit and Phil Spencer's shirts never lie!
How Certain:Guaranteed
17. State of Decay developers announce their new game  
 State of Decay came out in 2013, I imagine they got something cooking.
How Certain:50/50
18. New Crackdown Gameplay
I can't contain my excitement and I can wait. 
How Certain:Guaranteed
 19. Hololens Announcement (spefically for Xbox One)

 It would be cool but I don't think its probable.
How Certain: nope
 20. Marcus Fenix Collection 

Not likely but would I say.....EPIC.
How Certain: not likely
 Bonus: Banjo-Three gets announced 
We can dream cant we?
How Certain: .......Sigh

Well their you have it folks, My predictions leave your's in the comments!

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