Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Game That Will Change Everything!

Scale in games is usually very small unless your a battlefield but still the games only typically reach 64 players. There is your Planetside 2's of the world, PS2 is impressive but high tech specs, micro transactions keep me out of the game.These games are no doubt a blast to play but still don't itch my massive battle scale rash. Garry's Mod, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator have been where I have been getting my fix for quite a while now. While it's fun to watch the combine get mowed down by Teletubbies. I would find that after spawning 150+ units my PC would start drag or GMOD would crash all together. So with 2017 here, I wonder if there is a game that promises to be the game to finally get me what I want?

 Anyway I think my obsession with massive battles started when young and I watched  Starship Trooper movie (1996). The scale of battles in the movie are awesome. There are so many bugs on screen/ guys getting ripped apart, its truly amazing but we've never really had that in games. We have nice big set pieces from time to time from games like Call of Duty but these set pieces are as a big as ocean but deep as a puddle.

So what is the game that is going to change everything? Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator! This game has done the impossible , it has made RTS level numbers of units run in third person. This is a feat that should not go  un praised, it was also done by one guy. The amount of units on screen is  unparalleled. This game is doing things that have never been done before. That amount of optimization is amazing. This could change the scale of games as we know it! For one UEBS has so much potential. Right now there are Knight units, Gag units, and power units. The game could add aliens, Animals, soldiers from different eras, more maps. This game could literally be as big as rocket league. Also the tech is very impressive, imagine what a RPG could do with this. Imagine a battle with your character you have leveled and customized  against THOUSANDS!  Imagine a World War 2 game where you storm the beaches of Normandy with literally 400,000 guys. Imagine a GTA  game with literally thousands of people rioting. The possibilities for the future of games are truly endless.

I am already planning battles and I can't wait for tommrow to buy this game. For years now I have been simming battles with hundreds and now I can't wait to do it with thousands!

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