Monday, December 2, 2013

Dead Rising 3 Review

Dead Rising 3 Review
            The game Dead Rising 3 is my favorite game so far on the Xbox One. The game is a stupid amount of fun.  Dead Rising 3 is the best launch exclusive by far. Forza 5 is good but it doesn’t really have that much content and Ryse Son of Rome is little on the short side, except I’m probably going to buy it.
            The gameplay in Dead Rising is its strongest asset. The most fun I have had for some time in a video game. There just something about having a microwave laserbeem what disintegrates zombies. The great thing is that as the player you get experience points from killing zombies and then Protagonist can unlock certain abilities such as more inventory slots and the ability to have a bigger posse. The great thing about dead rising is combos in weapons there are literally hundreds of weapons to choose from.
The story is your typical zombies,the city gets quarantined and nuke going to destroy city  .It does job of getting the player from point a and point b without getting to repetitive. The story missions are almost thrown to side because all the crazy amount of stuff to do like fight psychos or save survivors.
There are a few cons such as pop in, that’s when the player is driving down the road  and a wall pops up out of nowhere and a side effect of that is the player wrecks his vehicle. Another con the frame rate will occasionally will crash but this really never killed the overall experience.
Dead Rising is a mixed bag of pros and cons there are issues but I think overall dead rising 3 is a must buy. I think it’s the best game to own right now if you own, an Xbox one. I think it’s a truly unique title that only on the all-in-one Xbox One. 
+combo weapons
+ Best exclusive
-tech hiccups