Friday, November 28, 2014

Stuff I want to get before I Go to college (Fun Edition)

  I have been eying stuff to get before I go to college.Most of it cough all of it is electronics.some off it is over zealous and other stuff is more practical.Will I get probably not all of the Stuff.

            Why do I want a Wii U because of all of the exclusives.Now is the Wii U going to be my primary console no but it going be the most played when the New Zelda drops or WHEN STARFOX COMES OUT! There is also more games then just that like Mario Kart 8 what looks awesome and make really make me want a Wii U and Super Mario 3D world pictured to left looks awesome to.Then there are cool looking Japanese game what is simple called X what I have no idea what going on in the trailer but I like that. Then there is (make sure I still have chest hair)  Toad Tracker game and Yoshi Yarns what is utterly adorable I have always been sucker for Toad. 
What is this 4k TV blasphemy . Its the next step in the resolutions evolution (it rhymes :)I want a  4k TV because it obviously will provide better overall picture quality with the upscaler chip inside making all my game look better and plus I will get a bigger TV at that and that will be nice to. Plus it will be future proof for when 4k becomes main stream while I am in college and will be broke. It probably help my social status little bit around campus to.

Games , Games and More Games. 2015 looks awesome for you guessed it video games. There is your big Triple As such as Halo 5, Just Cause 3 and Batman Arkham Knight. there are also some cool indies games like Star Citizen , Super Hot. So in college your bored to tears eating ramen Noodles and broke as a hobo out side of McDonalds. So having game like just cause 3 what can  last  95+ hours is super important. Then me and my roommates will have something to play.

GTX 980's purpose just like the 4k TV is to be future proof. It has twice the performance as my current card the GTX 770 2gb. For the less tech person is that my games will run better and look better than they do now. meaning I will not be able to push games to 4k but most definitely push them above 1080P and beyond.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Survival guide

The fabled holiday, of shopaholics and people trying to save money for Christmas. This will be my third year going into battlegrounds. You need to be ready for when it starts. 

  •  First you need to find your "deal" personally I'm going for the 4k tv at Best Buy. 

  • Go a couple of hours early at least to figure out where everything is going to be at, it's not crazy for them move TVS to the fruit section, trust me.

  • Also be ready to wait outside depending on the store. They could possibly lock you out. Then those that are open for 24/7 like Walmart where you can find stuff in the store before deal starts. They usually have the Deal Items wrapped up, so watch out for those.

  • Another thing is bring a crew. It doesn't  hurt if your going for multiple items.Also when in the heat of hundreds of people , don't be afraid to "move some people out of your way" . 

  •  Also when you win your TV, make sure you have room in your vehicle. 

If you follow these steps you will Black Friday.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Xbox 360 is a TANK

Happy Birthday Xbox 360! The 360s birthday is this month. The 360 has aged but it has aged well.from the time it was created it still has the horsepower to run games today. 360 has held up more than any other console in any other generation.

    The Xbox 360 is turning 9 years old on November 22nd . It can still run 2014 games with no problem. Now, are they going to run at 1080p and have 60 frames per second? No. But they can run and that’s insane  if you look at every other console generation. They have given up on the last generation consoles pretty quickly.

Xbox 360 still has games coming out for it. The Xbox 360 just got their own Borderlands game, as of right now, it not going to the next generation. Some of the biggest block busters are still coming to the last genration, Far Cry 4, Titanfall and Assassin Creed Rouge. The Xbox 360 is older than Twitter but is still culturally relevant. I had logged thousands of hours on my Xbox 360 and I thoroughly enjoy playing on it but I think it time for people to move on, sort of.  
          I really enjoy my Xbox 360 I have probably 60+ unplayed games but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are substantially better at everything. They're quicker, more powerful and NEW!  A lot  of time I think my Xbox 360 is frozen but its just because it’s too slow. The Xbox One has better visuals and higher frame rates. The load times can actually be increased with hardrives and SSDS.

          The Xbox 360 shouldn’t be shelved yet because legends don’t die. The Xbox 360 has support until 2016 (hopefully late) but I think there is enough value and game prices are starting to drop dramatically for you to keep your Xbox 360. Plus,that Gamerscore dough.  I love my Xbox and I will probably never get rid of it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4K TV hands on

       I went to best buy last Saturday and test out a 4K 75 inch monster TV. I hooked my buddies Xbox One to it and got mixed results. Also the best buy guy was staring us down like a hawk and best buy guy helped us set it up but he looked at us like we were the biggest bothers to his well being in life(he was kind of a jerk).So we tried testing Destiny but it has DRM polices (so it had to be online), so that was a no go. First we tried testing Metro Redux and it looked absolutely tread full, there was pixelation a mile high. The best guy oblivious didn't want us to go any further with metro.He said in smug voice we should check out a game for the next generation. At this point I'm trying to look interested but in back of my mind I'm running for the hills. Then we tried Forza Horizon 2 But because of Updates!, we couldn't try it in game but we did see the game model on the title screen and it look fantastic. It up scaled perfectly and it looked awesome but again it just the menu. At this point I'm getting frustrated because I want to see a game in 4K that's the whole reason we took this trip in first place ( I live 55 miles from Best Buy). So we final got to play a game, it was the brand new Spakin Xbox one Exclusive Sunset Overdrive. It almost looked like 3d like and looked absolutely gorgeous. There was slight pixelation with explosion possibly none the less it was impressive but after like 2 minutes the Best Buy guy kicked us off. I was impressed but a little worried especially because I own a Xbox 360. I don't want the pixelation box 360.