Thursday, June 25, 2015

Microsoft E3 Breakdown

       E3 is upon us and I feel its is my responsibility to breakdown the biggest Xbox news from E3. So lets have at it

Halo 5  Gameplay was shown

       The story looks awesome to me. The idea of Master Chief on the run, is just badass. The gameplay for the campaign looked slow and  I don’t know how much, I like the whole squad aspect but I have faith in 343 industries. The Multiplayer game mode warzone looks cool and I like idea of a battlefield like mode in halo mixed with Titanfall’s bot idea.  
How do I feel about this news: moderately excited I expected halo 5 #castleisinhalo5

Fallout 4 mods on a console

 If they couldn’t make fallout 4 more intimidating to me. Don’t get me wrong, fallout 4 looks amazing. You can build a base with cool lights and the lore of the vaults is really intresting and what’s with the guy who’s been knocked out for 200 years. I couldn’t get into fallout 3 but I’m REALLY going to try to get into four. Mods are cool but if I wanted mods, I would just play on my PC but if they have teletubbe mod, where a group of rouge teletubbies raid the map that would be cool to. 
 How do I feel about this news: Meh its alright (wish there would’ve been Co-op instead)

Xbox Announces backwards Compatibility  
Well, I may almost be able to retire my 360. I got Xbox 360 in 2009 but had my live account reset in 2011. So easy to say I missed a lot of great games. I have a back catalog of over 100. So even if there not all converted, it will still be nice to play them on the new system and clear some space for my imaginary PS4. 
  How do I feel about this news: Actually pretty excited

Forza 6 trailer

Forza 6 looks fast and furious. Forza 6 looks like it will be a another great racing game in already great franchise but I wait for the day, that my Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor is put into Forza.That is what I'm basing my purchase on. #brokecollegekid
 How do I feel about this news: I probably going to race to GameStop in September. 

Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer beta first on Xbox
Yeah! watchdogs two, I can’t get hyped for this. I saw a guy walking down the street, get shot at, then proceed to shut a car door.  Game of the Year!
How do I feel about this news: just come out already!  

Rainbow Six Siege comes with Rainbow six 1 and 2
Rainbow Six Siege is Counter Strike with destructiable enviorments where do I put my money. I am sure that Rainbow Six one and two are great but I’m all bout that Siege!
How do I feel about this news: Take my money Ubisoft!

Gigatic gets a tralier
I have been waiting to jump on the moba band wagon for a while and maybe gigantic will be the game todo that with. I have been eyeing this game since it was announced and I can’t wait to get into it.
How do I feel:  interested
Indie Montage!
 Cuphead: This game looks like Walt Disney made it himself. I love this artstyle in all my few  years of gaming, I have absoutlely never seen any thing like this. I have had this on my radar since last year. Its nice to see Cuphead finally get the attention it deserves. 
Tacoma:  I never played Gone Home but Tacoma looks neat I like the whole space exploration aspect of it. I feel that it will probably have a gripping story like Gone Home.   
Ashen: This game caught me off by surprise,  art style alone deserves recognition but the glimpses of game play and world is enough for me to get hyped about this game. 

 How do I feel: Hyped I could see myself playing all of these games
Recore is announced with a trailer
 This was the Biggest Game Reveal at the Xbox Conference for me. The idea of roaming the desert with a transformer robot dog just sounds awesome to me. This wasn't preannounced like Gears 4 or Fallout 4. Its nice to a Fresh I.P for Xbox. 
How do I feel: they see me rolling and fecthing with my robot dog!

Tomb Raider Shows gameplay
Tomb Raider Demo looked heavily scripted so that was a bummer but the game itself looked good for the most part. It will be interesting to see if they can keep building on the good momentum for the franchise with the sequel but with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 coming out on same day. She might want to jump to 2016. 
 How do I feel: optimistic.......still got beat the first one

Xbox announces that it will have Early Access
 This includes games like Elite Dangerous that looks like a epic space exploration game, DayZ the infamous Zombie survival game and the Long Dark a single player survival game. Its pretty gutsy move bring these unfinished products to console owners who are used to a finished standard but I'm sure Xbox will have some type of quality control.  
How do i feel: Cautiously optimistic this could go really well or terrible 
 Rares Back Baby

We have Rare Replay coming out. That's 30 games for 30 dollars that's a steal. Some notables for me is Banjo Kazooie franchise, Viva Pinata, Conker Bad Fur Day.  This really cool especially for us younger guys who never got to play the originals of these. 
How do I feel: Day One buy for this bear with bird in my backpack
 Sea of Thieves announced
This good be the second great pirate game of the 2010s after black flag of course. I like Rare getting to spread there wings other than doing those ugh Kinect games. I never been a big MMO guy but this good persuade me. 
 How do I feel:De-finally on my radar
 Gears 4 announced 

 I have been waiting for this game for quite a while and with a new studio, it will be interesting to see how 4 compares to the rest of them. Also the trailer was WAY too dark. I could barely see anything. 
How Do I feel: will have to wait and see
Gears Ultimate Edition Is Officially Announced 

I like this because gives Gears fans something to look forward too in 2015 and I feel that gears 1 was really rough around the edges when you compare it to its sequels.   
 How Do I feel: I'll Keep my eyes on it

 Dark souls 3 Shown off
 World Reveal for Xbox, if you don't count the leak still cool to see the third parties come and support the Xbox platform at least its more then what Nintendo can say.
How do I feel: I'm all about dying but this much?
 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 
 Its the sequel ,we all wanted to the adorable plants vs zombie shooter. The first one is actually a really good balanced shooter and from the trailer. I'm actually pretty exited for this game
How do I feel: waiting for sale on this one
Microsoft has VR and AR covered  
 Microsoft announced a partnership with Valve and Oculus  for Xbox One and Windows 10 but theirs a catch with Oculus and Xbox. If you look up to photo that's how it will supposedly works. You can just play on a bigger TV.......ok. Thats not what I expected maybe like a Fps Forza experience or Titanfall where I'm in the game! Hololens looks cool but I feel it need its own games for it, not games like Minecraft that are sort of Shoe horned in. Imagine a horror game in Holo Lens where a scary murder is hunting you down or something like that. That would be terrifying. 
How Do I feel: not really supper optimistic for 2015-2016 but when the second model comes out. Might have hope
Xbox Announces a controller what I cant afford 
 Its cool Idea but for another 200 dollars, I could get a second Xbox One so I'm Gonna say no on this one. 
How do I feel: Nah I'm good
.....................Oh Wait I  forgot Fable  Legends
Literally forgot this game for this blog post until last minute. Its a shame I played Fable 3 and really enjoyed it but I not really interested in this Fable Borderlands hybrid but since its free to play I will probably check it out. 
How Do I feel: I guess I will check it out Since its Free
I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of Xbox's E3 breakdown. Tell me if theirs something I missed or maybe your way more hyped about then what I am.