Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gaming industry Worries

Gaming industry Worries
Microsoft is obviously not doing well. With the Xbox one struggling to compete with PlayStation 4 , it doesn’t help that Ryse Son of Rome , Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall are all coming to PC and it was recently announced  that Xbox One lost 400 million dollars. Plus with Nadella flip flopping every other week whether Xbox is important.

Sony’s PlayStation brand is doing very well but Sony as a whole is doing terrible, they have a 78% of going bankrupt in the next two years.

Nintendo lets be real the third party support is pathetic and sales are in huge slup ( with the Exception of a Mario Kart 8).it had a one year lead over it competitors and it was wasted with poor marketing and terrible sales.

Steam I feel that Steam is doing a fantastic job but early access and steam Greenlight is starting to degrade the overall quality of the games such as the stupid Rock Simulator or the half made games what developer have no attention of being completed. 

Origin its origin at least they trying.

This is where,I think gaming it could go now, tell what you guys think.