Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 Predictions For Xbox E3 2015

   Well alas E3 is coming is one month away (counting may as the only one). So its Prediction time.

1. Halo 5 gets a Campaign Demo on Stage

   It makes sense they had the beta to show off the Multiplayer but they have been building a lot of hype for the story this time around and I think it will be featured. Its Microsoft's biggest Franchise.
How Certain: Guaranteed
2. Xbox One OS will be revamped
Xbox One OS is god awful. I have not a clue how to do anything and its been almost two years. I usually yell at Kinect what does everything for me. Also Windows 10  and Xbox One are suppose to get interconnected in such?
How Certain: A 50/50 Shot
3.Scalebound Gets a Gameplay Trailer
Platinum games has released Bayonetta, Bayonettta 2 and Vanquish. Where do I insert the money this could be Microsoft's Bloodbourne . This game has huge phenomenal to be amazing.
How Certain: Probably
4.Forza 6 Trailer

Forza 5 was good and Forza Horzion 2 was better and this will be a slam dunk and hopefully with the extra time in the life cycle, the guys at turn 10, have gotten more next gen out of Forza.
How Certain: Guaranteed
5. Gears Trailer and Dated for 2016

People say 2015, I say 2016. Its only been a year since Microsoft bought the Gear's IP back from Epic
How Certain: Probably
6. Tomb Raider Gets Gameplay and Dated for release

Tomb Raider the Reboot has sold 8.5 Million copies, sure its shot term but a exclusive is a exclusive.
How Certain: Guaranteed 
7. Halo Online is announced for Xbox One 
I think its unlikely, but we can still hope?As long as its not terrible or has a ton of microstrasactions.
How Certain:Unlikely 
8. Xbox One loses some weight 
 As much as we love are Xbox One, hes pretty beefy and it would hurt for him to shed some weight
How Certain:probably 
9. A New Exclusive, First Party  IP gets announced for E3    

 Xbox could use the extra fire power and its been confirmed by the Head Xbox man himself,Phil Spencer.
How Certain: Guaranteed
10. Inside Gets Released during E3
Its not exclusive by any means but there is a ton of Xbox love for limbo check out the Xbox Boss.
How Certain: 50/50
11.  Alan Wake Remastered is Announced
 Seems like a no brainier to me, Alan Wake was Epic.
How Certain: probably 
12. Indie Montage  (for the games that originally skipped Xbox One)
Ok maybe not Killing floor 2 but I think there going to make a huge point for indie developers, that skipped Xbox because of the parity clause. ( Examples The Forest, Octodad and Abe's Odyssey).
How Certain: Guaranteed 
13 Halo Wars 2 gets announced

 Halo Wars was a RTS, that worked on consoles and it was teased in the Phantom Dust trailer. 
 How Certain:probably
 14 I think Kinect will get "some" screen time 

 The Kinect 2 works and after being forced to own it. ......I would actually buy it again. 
How Certain 50/50
 15. Phantom Dust Gets Gameplay Trailer

 Its been through some sketchy development but Microsoft reaffirms, it still exist.
How Certain:Probably
 16. Battle toads gets a trailer and .....maybe gets dropped during the show

 Its going to be a nostalgic hit and Phil Spencer's shirts never lie!
How Certain:Guaranteed
17. State of Decay developers announce their new game  
 State of Decay came out in 2013, I imagine they got something cooking.
How Certain:50/50
18. New Crackdown Gameplay
I can't contain my excitement and I can wait. 
How Certain:Guaranteed
 19. Hololens Announcement (spefically for Xbox One)

 It would be cool but I don't think its probable.
How Certain: nope
 20. Marcus Fenix Collection 

Not likely but would I say.....EPIC.
How Certain: not likely
 Bonus: Banjo-Three gets announced 
We can dream cant we?
How Certain: .......Sigh

Well their you have it folks, My predictions leave your's in the comments!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Forza Horzion 2 presents:Fast and Furious Review

Forza Horizon 2 presents:Fast and Furious: how I was surprised
This game caught me completely off guard. The only reason I even played it  was because  Forza Horzion 2 needed an update and thank god for that.I really enjoyed this standalone experience. This game has puns and fast cars and thats all you need.

The game takes place on a modified version of Map used in Horizon 2. They used some nice touches to make the map stand by itself to the original map such as adding the golf course that was by far the best addition. The game uses the sound track from Furious 7 and that was a good call. I'm in to that kind of music. They also have a lot of homage to series such as Dom's Dad's 1970s Dodge Charger is in it and achievement saying not to fast junior. its great to see that kind of stuff in a cross over. 

This is probably the weakest part of  Furious. It features overhead dialogue from a character in the films., Its typically cliquche. Don't worry though this is not reason you want to play this game. 

 I forgot how Awesome Forza Horizon 2 driving is. If you need an Introduction into the series, then
pick this up immediately. Now if your veteran, don't expect a full fledged Forza game by any means. It has about 20 events counting everything and game main campaign took me around four hours but it was really enjoyable and it was a achievement fest.There is no tuning what blows but it is only FREE until APRIL 10th but then it will be ten dollars.

8/10 Its a Good game Bronze Rating I would recommend!
+ Homage to the series
+ Great Driving
+ Golf Course
-Story blows
-No Customization