Friday, February 20, 2015

Xbox 360's servers 2016 or 2018

The real threat is that Xbox 360's Servers are going to shut down in 2016. This makes me  afraid of the console lasting power. Don't get me wrong I like the Xbox One and the PC but I love my 360 and I have a HUGE back catalog through.

     I'm going to college so that works out perfectly for me. Just to play Xbox 360 games for awhile but if servers shut down in the beginning of 2016. That only leaves me with 5 months to get through all my games. I am a big achievement hunter , I hope there will be some way to get achievements after Microsoft pulls the plug. At least that would be my sliver limning.  The 360 I understand that, it would be 11 years old but, We haven't had a generation so modern and connected in my opinion. The rumor of 2018 sounds great to me,  this means I would have plenty of time to get through my games. There are also kids that literally just bought a 360 for Christmas and it would be pretty jank to shutdown the servers if Microsoft is still selling the 360 at Retail (also why is the 360 still like 200 Bucks)

Dear Microsoft
please don't shut down servers until 2018

From a Xbox Fan

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