Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Activision Owns Everything


Activision owns everything
I feel that Activision is everywhere when it comes to gaming. Whether it’s a MMO or a FPS, Activision is the market leader. They take my families money like no other company because I bought destiny and I buy call of duty every year, My brother has been playing WOW for ten years and My little brother plays Skylanders But for all of the crap we give Activision. They do have a broad audience base. Now do they innovate with all these, no but each one of these games are considered the market leaders in there selected categories. Skylander made over 2 billion dollars, Call of duty ghosts what sold over 21 million and WOW has over 7 million Subscribers. These numbers can’t be denied. Its free market if we wanted Activision to go away, it would. I personally don’t agree with all Activision decisions but I do play a lot of their games

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