Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Wolf Among Us: How I was Wrong

 Wolf Among Us 
 ESRP M17+
Price $25.00 
Reviewed on Xbox One 
Publisher/Developer Telltale Games

How I was Wrong. I played the Walking Dead Season 1 because everyone was talking about it but Honestly other than the Story I thought it was kinda of Mediocre. I really didn't enjoy playing through some parts of it. So when I heard The Wolf Among Us was coming out I wasn't to excited but once you get into it, you see that (personally)  Telltale has came along way from when, they released Walking Dead Season 1. I personally Believe that Wolf Among Us is far superior  in its flow and the way the story progresses.

Setting  2/2
The game is based on the Idea. That all of the fables (Cinderella, Tiny Tim etc...) have left their
happily ever after. It truly a unique set up and I really never found those stories to interesting but Wolf Among Us changes all that. The way the world is built up is so interesting because you these mythical being trying to scrap by New York and the way they interact in these  situations is really cool because its puts them in situations , that we wouldn't dream of seeing them in.

Story/Setting 2 points 2/2
 Now lets get on to the actual story. Light Spoilers You play as Bigby Wolf , Hes the the Sheriff in Fable Town. Bigby and Snow White investigate a Murder. The first one in fable town in along a time. This puts a huge amount of pressure  on Bigby and Snow White to Solve this murder. Bigby sort of a lone wolf type of guy. He seems to be a troubled guy , who puts in a lot of work for no payoff. He lives in the Dumpiest apartment in Fabletown. There are a lot of twists and turns in the Wolf Among US. The story flips table on you many times

Gameplay 2.8/3
The gameplay in Wolf Among Us, for the most part is enjoyable. I really liked being able to toss the people around a bit. I wish there was more consequence for messing up, there were a couple of times where, I missed a button press and nothing really happened. Don't get wrong it wasn't the worse thing for me because I'm mediocre at games but I still think there should be some type of difficulty. I always really liked the gameplay in the Telltale games some people complain about it but honestly I really like the flow  of it. It never feels pointless like in some games and the only reason you're fighting some guy is because of your actions not because villain magically comes back alive. It's nice for a game to have reason and not throw logic out the window. 

Performance -.8
I usually would not count this for a category but when the action picks up in Wolf Among Us the game chugs like no other. Usually what happens is that the game will get suck on one screen while the audio plays in the background. This is the one problem what took me out of the experience. It was the worst part of Wolf Among Us. 

Final Verdict  
  9/10  A Great Game:Sliver Rating:MUST BUY!
+The Setting 
+interesting Gameplay
 + unique take on the fairy tale charcters
-Chugging Frame rate?
-Too Easy

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