Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 3 YouTube Channels of Year

Every year , I decide what my favorite YouTube channels are.  
Boogie2988 is my first pick of 2014 because he is utterly hysterical. He does variety of gaming shows and talks about his life. Hes truly one of the Great YouTubers out there. He also has this Charcter named Francis who rages at Video Game Fiascoes, whats a great time and its nice to know some out there gives a damn about Assassin Creed Unity's microtransactions because, I am sure as hell Ubisoft dosent. Life videos are truly inspirational because it shows how sometimes in life you have to fight for right to just live a normal life. If you comment thanks then I know you made it to the end of this paragraph.

 Game Theory is my second pick. The only reason I didn't rank this higher was because it make my brain hurt (lol). Mat Pat the creator is just cool guy from the his nerd jokes what are only hysterical to me, he picks his games what are usually pretty topical. I love Five Nights at Freddy episode because it took a game what I thought was stupid and actually made it interesting and dare I say intriguing. Mat Pat is Truly a Nerdy Entertainer and I wouldn't want it any other way.

 Dorkly my third  pick is great for old gamers. The jokes are really good. Like Sonic jokes and skits like Walking Koopas. its play on Mario and Walking Dead.Dorkly is constantly making me laughing hysterically whether it's making fun retro games or modern games , either way it's a riot. Dorkly's writing is spot on and really witty. Dorkly is underrated YouTube channel and you should subscribe to them.

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