Tuesday, March 31, 2015

iPad are in our school!

They were given”forced “to the students and faculty. Now some people say that IPads are the second coming of Christ and then the vast majority of people and the sane ones see them as a huge waste of tax payer money.
Now the first reason is the inefficient of them many teachers have little use for them or don’t even incorporate them in the class room.  Now most time of the time we use them for web browsing such as looking up P.O.W or looking up stuff for history but we spent $600 for web browsers. People will argue well you can do presentations and write papers , just no. you can make a keynote presentation but it’s frustrating and is PowerPoint’s very dumb little brother. Now notability and pages is stupid to, Ms. Lopez gave us a worksheet in notability and she told us about Spain we thought (class) that it was fun facts about Spain but in reality it was a note taking prepping us for a test. When are class found out about this almost instantly everyone demanded a paper copy because when  you typed on the IPadthe words would go over the words.  
IPads are scary because of breaking them . Now this year you get two free bees if you break your iPads but next year you pay $50 if it breaks and then after the second time you pay out the full $700 dollars. Thing you could buy with 700 dollars Xbox One, 50 inch plasma TV and a PlayStation 4. So do you get to keep it if you pay the $700 nope and you get no additional freedom and the iPads is gimped. So the tax payer paid for inefficient and gimped iPads.
The way iPads could get better. Give the students more freedom we can legally smoke (don’t smoke kids its retarted) but if I want to download clash of clans I cant and I why is a bunch sites blocked like Facebook when twitter is not, just saying, if you are going to block websites at least have some consistency.  I think there were better options I know the school has a contract or there cheaper but if cheaper is not always better when it comes to quality and efficiency think about all the extra time you had to spend just to make some stupid keynote. I also there should be a trade in program where if a student’s device meets certain standards they can use their personal device instead of an iPad. 
IPads are here to stay and it’s a shame there was a lot more potential for the 1:1 program. So we must improve the iPads by giving the students more freedom and getting more variety for apps plus office came out so get on that, school hire ups.

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