Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Gamer Score Gamer's Top 5 Most Anticpated Games For 2016

My 5 most anticipated games of 2016.This was a hard list to come up with. There are a lot of great games coming out next year and we probably don't even know half of them. So lets get started!
1.Crackdown 3
What can I say, I have a sweet spot for Crackdown. There is something about leaping from building to building and eradicating the street gangs at my own place, while a annoying narrator crawls under my skin. I cant wait to clean up pacific city
2. Sea of Thieves 

Imagine a world, where Rare makes games again, now Imagine a pirate adventure that is a MMO and looks epic. Yes then I would be talking about Sea of Thieves. I think this has a huge amount of potential. I could be a captain of a ship, participate in sea battles and find treasure yar maties.
3. Zelda (2016)

The Wii U's saving grace, I don't know but it sure looks damn cool. I have never had a Nintendo console until the Wii U. So this will be my first Zelda game and that alone makes this game, really high on my list. The game play has looked stunning since day one and I cant wait until I'm in Hyrule. 
4. No Man's Sky
A game that never ends, game where the fortieth hour feels like the first. Its sounds like science fiction but no mans sky is now a reality. The idea of exploring the Galaxy for hundreds of hours, sounds like a dream but lucky for us. We only have to wait one more year. 
5. Homefront Revolution 
Here me out, before the pitchforks come hailing from the sky. I think this game, franchise has had a rough time but I'm a huge history buff and after the alternative history master piece Wolfenstein: New Order. I got a itch for a story based game, in a occupied America. 

Well that was it for my most anticipated games for 2016. What are your most anticipated. Do you agree with me or is Crackdown not good enough for you.  

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