Friday, January 13, 2017

Facebook Gaming Community GOTY 2016

Well it's that time of the year again, where we discuss the game of the year.  Usually I ask the Facebook gaming groups what their most anticipated is but this year I decided I would ask about there goty to. So none the less here the results. 

Here's the list that didn't crack the top 10
 Mighty No.9 1 vote
 No Man's Sky  1  vote
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 1 vote
X-Com  2  1 vote
Civilzation 6 1 vote
The Witness  1 vote
MW remastered  1 vote
Telltale Batman 1 vote
Deus EX man Divided  1 vote
Pokemon Sun and Moon 1 vote
Rise of the Tombraider  1 vote 
Mafia 3 1 vote
 9. Knack (2 Votes)
 What do I know/ How do I feel:  Well Knack came out in 2013, So how's get on a 2016's goty list, well it's the peoples vote and this is the internet.Also all of the votes for Knack came from the Kinda Funny Group, Well played guys. 

 8. Quantum Break/ Dishonored 2/ Final Fantasy XV ( 4 Votes)
What do I know/ How do I feel: 
Quantum Break: Bought it never played it 
Dishonored 2: Have dishonored 1 on PC/Xbox 360 never played it. 
Final Fantasy XV: My internet search history?  

7. Inside/Dark Souls III/Battlefield One  (9 Votes)

 What do I know/ How do I feel:
Inside: loved the first one but again not something I got around to in 2016
Darksouls 3:  I died a few times in the first dark souls never got past it.
Battlefield One:  I really enjoyed Battlefied One's beta and played the mutiplayer for about twenty hours, definally going to be a game I'm going to go back to at some point.

6. Gears of War 4 (12 Votes)
 What do I know/ How do I feel:  I didn't get to play gears 4  in 2016 but My future roommate and I fully intend on playing all of the Halos and Gears games in Co-op so this being the finale of that, would be awesome!

5. Titanfall 2 (15 Votes)

What do I know/ How do I feel: I played a ton of the original Titanfall when it fell into battle in 2014 but this time I didn't well...Battlefield One, Mid Terms, Call of Duty. I don't blame the game, I blame EA. I did pick it up on a Xbox sale, so maybe this next semester I'll check it out but with 18 credit hours that might be a dream.

4. Forza Horizon 3 (19 Votes)
What do I know/ How do I feel:  I get to drive my car in real life (pictured above) , I REALLY like Forza Horzion 3. It fully deserves to be on this list it is a phenomenal game and easily the best racing game of the year. I have been a big fan of the mainline Forza series for years but now I'm a bigger Forza Horizon fan. 

3. Doom (20 Votes)
What do I know/ How do I feel: DOOM is the Wolfenstein of 2016. It kind of whacked everyone from behind with a shovel. I originally played on Xbox One but it didn't feel right and then I picked it up on Steam and have been having a blast of a time and really enjoying myself. I can definitely see why people love doom!

2. Overwatch  (26 Votes)

What do I know/ How do I feel:  I didn't play it. #Harambe Well anyway back in the early sixteens and even now it's hard for me to justify a sixty dollar game that is only multiplayer. I would be more fine with that but I'm not much of multiplayer guy other than CSGO, Titanfall. My Xbox share buddy picked it up, so who knows. I will give a whirl sometime.

1. Uncharted 4 (59 Votes)

What do I know/ How do I feel:  So I got a PS4 a couple of months ago but it's been at my dad's house while I have been at college. So I haven't really been able to take a crack at it.  I do have all of the Uncharteds for it but I just haven't had the time but everything I have seen on the game looks amazing and at some point. I'm going to have to go into these uncharted waters of Nathan Drake's game franchise. I have started the New Ratchet and Clank though.......! 

Did the game you vote for make the top of the list or the bottom? If you want more similar content like us on Facebook!


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