Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ten Reasons Why Skylanders is Good for Adults

Skylanders have been around for five years now and are kind of innovators in gaming. They single-handedly created the toys-to-life genre. I started playing these games when some of my buddies got the first Skylanders from a garage sale and then randomly gave me theirs after they were done playing it. I am glad they did that because ever since then I have played all the games up until this point and they're damn good. So here are ten reason to give Skylanders a shot.

1.  The Skylanders games have gotten A LOT better 

Being real the first game kind of sucked. It just kind of felt half-baked. I don't hold first games in franchises too a high standard -- but look at TV shows. The first seasons of Breaking Bad was good, but it's kind of shite when you compare to the unforgettable seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5. Giants was better but than Swap Force came around and change the game literally. Swapforce is by far the best one in the series by a mile. I am currently playing Trap Team and it isn't as good as Swap Force but it does harkin back some of the of the cool forgotten things from giants such as Skystones and some of the characters from giants to.

2. The Story is funny and the cast is surprisingly good
The Voice Cast is excellent. The cast is great whether it be Billy from (Billy and Mandy) voicing the Franchises main baddy Chaos or Patrick Warburton (how I met your Mother) voicing the pilot Flynn who constantly says BOOM! but in all seriousness. The game's plot is typical comical and has a lot of hidden adult jokes.

 3. It's best avengers game out there 
OK, here me out. I have given up on ever getting the Avengers game we deserve but there have been times where I feel I'm playing an Avengers game while playing Skylanders. There is this huge viking lady who has a head slam ability (reminds me of Thor) , A crocodile with boomerangs (Captain America) and a swap force Skylander I made with fire boots, So he launches like Iron man. Either way if need your video game avengers itch filled Skylanders is the best we got. 
4. Cameos from gaming Icons
People give the Skylander franchise a lot of crap when it comes to "killing their childhood" by bringing characters outside of their universe. Except for Spyro who technically started skylanders but than his name got dropped from the sequels so yeah......  anyway I think its cool to see these characters in a light that we don't usual see them in. Such as getting to play as Bowser and smash some choppies with his Hammer that is  bad ass. It's like when gamers get mad when their exclusive goes to PC or another console.Who cares as long as more people get to play the game, Is Banjo-Kazooie next possible study abroad game character?
5. It's not terribly expensive to get into anymore
you can pick up some of the older Skylanders for about  a dollar a dozen and they still work in the newest games. This is awesome because when you do get new figures, you'll still have you're harden veterans of your team by your side. They also level up and gain new abilities. It's also very great compared to the competition where you have to buy a $20 level packs just to play content with different figures.  (Lego Dimensions)

6. it can be REALLY hard.

 The Skylander games can be oppressively hard on Nightmare Difficulty. A lot of people say that kids games are to "Easy". I would agree with them for the most part but Skylanders, is infamously difficult. One of my highest achievements TA Ratio wise after hitting 100,000 gamerscore is beating Swap force on Nightmare. There were levels where I lost 20-30 Skylanders. It was like sending pigs off to slaughter. Again the games are a lot of fun and if your characters are always getting better even when you're not. 

7. The gimmicks are usually pretty neat

I'm sucker for gimmicks and Hype Cough (No Man's Sky) but the Skylanders Series does a great job in this department.
 Now I'm going to rate and tell what the gimmicks
 Skylanders: Spyros Adventure: Founding of Toys to Life: Awesome, I think this is a truly innovative game in the gaming industry. 
Skylanders Giants: Make bigger Skylanders: Great (Tree Rex was Awesome!)
Skylanders Swap Force: Being able to swap the tops  and bottoms of skylanders: Again an Awesome addtion to the lore and customization
Slylanders Trap Team: You can now Trap enemies and force them to fight for you: This is a fun wildcard addition to the series. 
Skylanders Superchargers: Skylanders can drive cars? WTF , Sorry guys this is dumb
Skylanders  Imaginators:  You make your own Skylanders! It's really awesome great to see swapforce ideas expanded on.
8. backwards compatibility

Skylanders are into MILFS, what do I mean by that? Your older skylanders will work will all of the new games. So you don't have to worry about buying new ones, All of the damn time. You also get rewarded for using the older ones such as having them get stronger over the games. Not to mention that there the main characters for the Skylander's TV show and They get full voice rolls in the newer games.

 9. You can Literally 3D print your Skylanders 
In the new Skylanders game, You actually get to make your own Skylanders and this is cool on so many levels. My favorite thing out of this new "gimmick" is that you can actually get them 3d printed and that would be really cool to make my own Skylander and than have it sit on mantle. I might make my my dark souls character Dickwad or make a knockoff Pokemon or Teddy Roosevelt. I don't know the possibabltes are limitless!!!!

10. They got a TV show!
The Skylanders now have a cartoon on Netflix. I watched the first few episodes and to be honest kind of like it. After playing through few of the games and for the skylanders being mute most of the time. It is kind of intresting to see them interact with the world. Also the voice cast is really good. For example Justin Long voices Spyro, Stealth Elf is voiced by Ashley Tisdale and Eruptor is Voiced by Hank from Breaking Bad. Also the Voice of Billy comes back to voice Chaos thats always a treat. 

Conclusion:  I think you should at least give skylanders a try, it's more affordable and better as it's ever been. I think Swapforce was a real turning point for the series and I can't wait to see what they do next. 


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