Tuesday, March 18, 2014

President to Game Developer

                  When I was introduced to the concept to A.R Goals (I had to read books and I got points for it). I had a dilemma, never really got  into books in general, so first I tried reading fiction, and it bored me death, I just couldn’t get into the idea that a bunch of kids would go into a tree house and teleport somewhere and fight crime or whatever it was. I do like some non-fiction books  like hunger games and the books we read back in good old days like in English I and English II.  So I picked up the presidential encyclopedia (pictured above), and I instantly found it fascinating and really neat what happen back then. So I read all of the books that were about 100 pages, and I read 41 books on presidents even though there had been 42 presidents (Grover Cleveland showed up twice).
I was pretty set on idea that I was going to become president (Townsend 2014) of United States of America. So I started to watch news every night and I really got behind the candidate Barrack Obama who was at the time the young Illinoisan senator who had a one in a million shot of winning.  I actually saw him in  Washington, IA before he was tooken seriously.
After he won,I was supposed to  get an Xbox in about 2009. It was awesome The excitement and joy it brought me was insane.  My mom had me that  told my uncle, dad’s friend ,would let me down and I probably wasn’t going to get a xbox . Tanya surprisingly wanted me to actually get an Xbox, but I think it might be just out of  spite for my mom. I go to best buy and get the nice xbox 360 250GB but I told him to get me a terriable one but he insisted.So I started playing. it’s the greatest thing ever . It even started to open doors for me to make which  friendships what probably I would’ve never happened . So I got into playing this gaming console  and started getting these rewards called achievements .By completing the to-do list that every game has. So I just go for those because I didn’t have Live the service to play and talk to others)
So I eventually got back into the news and it was really depressing and with big recession hit. It really caused me to lose a lot hope of being president so I needed and new thing call my own so I went to xbox. As the year went on, I got on the A Honor Roll and I noticed that Xbox was the the tool what got me through my parents’ divorce and living with my stupid siblings. It was  past time what didn’t ever let me down or get me down. I truly thank my Xbox for where I am personally and mentally. So I made a decision I want to be game developer because I truly love video games and I went on a the student council trip where  the main speaker talked about finding  your passion. I know it’s a lot to ask to be game developer coming from a state mostly known for growing corn. There’s  only one job  picture myself doing and thats developing videogames.
-        William Townsend

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