Friday, March 28, 2014

My Essay for the Washington D.C Trip......What i didnt win

                      I have been reading history books since 4th grade because I found fiction books boring and I could never really get into them but my school librarian Cathy Ackerman told me on the encyclopedia of presidents. These were a hundred page books on each of presidents they were 7th grade reading level to 12 grade reading level but I found myself more interested in these books than the harry potters or the magic tree house. I read all of the books from Washington to Clinton.  I campaigned for president Obama in 2008 and 2012 and that was rewarding experience but at the same time sending him to Washington  didn’t give me a rewarding feeling because to me Washington is a mythical place where I haven’t gone before. I remember going to Washington, Iowa with 20 people in the crowd and at the time senator Obama was giving a speech and I think that everyone there didn’t think this guy got a chance but he proved everyone wrong and showed them that anything is possible. I would like to go to Washington because a lot people don’t care about history as much as I do and I would love to talk and express ideas with people who care about history just as much as I do, who are the same age. I think this a positive and an educating experience personal and mentally and it would be a honor to represent your company and the great state of Iowa.  Thank you for time and god bless America.

I found out later, that they drew names out of a hat. I didn't feel to bad after that.

P.S I have been to Washington twice now and met Tom Harkin so I am not to heart broken. 

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