Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4K TV hands on

       I went to best buy last Saturday and test out a 4K 75 inch monster TV. I hooked my buddies Xbox One to it and got mixed results. Also the best buy guy was staring us down like a hawk and best buy guy helped us set it up but he looked at us like we were the biggest bothers to his well being in life(he was kind of a jerk).So we tried testing Destiny but it has DRM polices (so it had to be online), so that was a no go. First we tried testing Metro Redux and it looked absolutely tread full, there was pixelation a mile high. The best guy oblivious didn't want us to go any further with metro.He said in smug voice we should check out a game for the next generation. At this point I'm trying to look interested but in back of my mind I'm running for the hills. Then we tried Forza Horizon 2 But because of Updates!, we couldn't try it in game but we did see the game model on the title screen and it look fantastic. It up scaled perfectly and it looked awesome but again it just the menu. At this point I'm getting frustrated because I want to see a game in 4K that's the whole reason we took this trip in first place ( I live 55 miles from Best Buy). So we final got to play a game, it was the brand new Spakin Xbox one Exclusive Sunset Overdrive. It almost looked like 3d like and looked absolutely gorgeous. There was slight pixelation with explosion possibly none the less it was impressive but after like 2 minutes the Best Buy guy kicked us off. I was impressed but a little worried especially because I own a Xbox 360. I don't want the pixelation box 360. 

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