Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Xbox 360 is a TANK

Happy Birthday Xbox 360! The 360s birthday is this month. The 360 has aged but it has aged well.from the time it was created it still has the horsepower to run games today. 360 has held up more than any other console in any other generation.

    The Xbox 360 is turning 9 years old on November 22nd . It can still run 2014 games with no problem. Now, are they going to run at 1080p and have 60 frames per second? No. But they can run and that’s insane  if you look at every other console generation. They have given up on the last generation consoles pretty quickly.

Xbox 360 still has games coming out for it. The Xbox 360 just got their own Borderlands game, as of right now, it not going to the next generation. Some of the biggest block busters are still coming to the last genration, Far Cry 4, Titanfall and Assassin Creed Rouge. The Xbox 360 is older than Twitter but is still culturally relevant. I had logged thousands of hours on my Xbox 360 and I thoroughly enjoy playing on it but I think it time for people to move on, sort of.  
          I really enjoy my Xbox 360 I have probably 60+ unplayed games but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are substantially better at everything. They're quicker, more powerful and NEW!  A lot  of time I think my Xbox 360 is frozen but its just because it’s too slow. The Xbox One has better visuals and higher frame rates. The load times can actually be increased with hardrives and SSDS.

          The Xbox 360 shouldn’t be shelved yet because legends don’t die. The Xbox 360 has support until 2016 (hopefully late) but I think there is enough value and game prices are starting to drop dramatically for you to keep your Xbox 360. Plus,that Gamerscore dough.  I love my Xbox and I will probably never get rid of it.

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