Thursday, January 15, 2015

I am Finally about to beat Call of Duty World at War on veteran

I got Call of Duty World at War and Xbox 360 at the same time.  It too me about a week to beat the same on normal.  After I beat it on normal, I started the game on veteran difficulty in 2009 and finally beat it 2014. That's five years of off and on playing this Diablo punishing game.

This game has a habit of kicking your butt mercilessly.  Every German soldier is an elite sniper trained by the terminator to kill you with the up most precision and never miss. They also have a infinite amount of grenades and every soldier is like Brett Farve. You would swear to God that there's a grenade factory across the street from this guys. The checkpoints are far apart and there are few of them. Also Resnov (the Russian teammate)  I love you in black ops but as an AI in this game, you were completely useless as a comrade. This game has been called one of hardest but I beat it, it took five years but the journey is finally over.

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