Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Critics Suck

Critics have no clue what they are talking about. I am talking mostly about when it came to the Xbox fiasco. After their god-awful reveal at the May 21st event almost two years ago, everyone and their mom were calling for Microsoft to drop the Xbox brand all together. But things have changed now; the Xbox is not as strong as the 360, a generation ago, but is in much better shape than what anybody would've thought two years ago.

That's my point. I was getting irate while hearing the media and articles calling for Microsoft to drop out of the console game. There are 80 million Xbox 360s in the wild, and you're just going to say, "Oops. Sorry about that cluster f### . We're going to drop Xbox as a whole."  I think this shows a lot about how people in the 21st century give up on something the second something bad happens. They did get new leadership, Phil Spencer, who seems like a down-to-Earth, cool guy and who understands gamers. The Xbox one has a slew of Xbox exclusives and literally just crossed the 10 million mark in sales. This proves that companies shouldn't listen to skeptics who are usual dead wrong. Good luck to the guys at Xbox.

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