Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Top 3 Games of 2014

I have played many games over 2014 and I have selected my personally favorites. Here in no particular order are the best games of 2014.  ( also, not all of these came out, in  2014 but they still made the list because I played them in 2014)
This is by far my favorite Multiplayer game on Xbox One. Noting got my blood  pumping as much when I heard the bass drop, of  the titan falling . The movement style in this game was fast and probably the most fluid in any game I have ever played . The idea of everyone having the same kill streaks adds a extra level of depth. The NPCS running around adds more kaos. Burn Cards, what are abilities what last on only one life and make the game more stressful and intense. I spent over two days in land of Titanfall and I cant wait to see  Respawn's next project.

This game had a rough start, the tutorial is god awful but once you get over that, the game hits it out of park, with throwback gameplay and a fully fleshed out setting and world. You B.J must defeat the Nazis what have taken over,  after they won world war 2. I am a totally a history nut, so I was in love with idea of a world envisioned as if the Nazis had won the war. You also had really interesting characters through out the game such as the old war buddy , B.J's love interest and my personally favorite scumbag General Deathshead. I really think Wolfstein The New Order should not be missed.

This game  kicked my but over 1,000 times but I came back smiling and slightly enraged. Hotline Miami is one of those games , what make me,  happy to be a  gamer. I was sitting in bliss while my character who  wore a Tiger mask was beating some poor guy with a pipe.The music pushed this game over the edge for me. The Music kicks ass in this game.This game also has a  Delorean what a mazing .Its also worth noting that the pixel art style is a nice throw back.
Honorable mentions
Ryse: Son of Rome 
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Mario Kart 8
Spec Ops: the Line 

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