Saturday, January 31, 2015

Most underrated sports game ever

     Madden 07 on PC, might be the best the sports game ever.Since EA has a monopoly on rights to NFL videogames  . There really hasn't been a real true football game since Madden 2008 (At least on PC) Also the reason I'm talking about 07 is because that's only one I had, for PC. 
    Madden 07 featured a extensive create a team.Where you create everything from stadium to the benches. The Game looks really good. I remember playing 07 on my Xbox 360 and it looked like dodo compared to the PC version. The PC had also had a way better create a player that didn't lag and take twenty minutes to create one player. The Game has probably one of best franchise modes in Madden. There was nothing like playing the Packers with my high school team and naming all of the players after them or when  I had my High School team play against the titans for a fake championship. (from Remember the titans) The 360 version also didnt feature John Madden commentary or AL Micheals. The PC madden 07 is Grade A beef and its damn shame that PC madden has been thrown way side for what.........EXACTLY NO REASON

Dear EA
if you read this please bring Madden back to PC. Its truly the best way to play it.

P.S it would probably help Origin out

If your football fan and PC gamer , EA has put you in a rough spot. I would suggest do what I  did and just buy Madden 07 for $31 , just to play it on PC. I really think if a indie team could make a football game where the players made there own logos, teams ETC..... that they could fill in the void but hey that's just a Theory!

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