Monday, February 9, 2015

3 top shows of 2014

Top 3 Shows of 2014
Louie C.K is one of funniest shows ever. He has a stand up right before all of his shows  just like Seinfeld only hes actually funny. Louie C.K is probably one of the most unluckiest guys ever and he has an awkwardness to him, that just make him hysterical. He a conundrum because in some aspects hes a terrible person but in other he a completely down to earth guy. You find yourself rooting for Louie in his endeavors even if it is one of the dumbest things ever.

Wilfred is great because it bends genres of television, its a Comedy, Mystery and philosophic journey. Few shows can make me laugh in general and then proceed to question of meaning of 21st century life. Wilfred is primary about this little bitch Ryan (Wilfred's words) and his Dog Wilfred but you don't know if hes actually a Dog. He's played by Jason Gann who has officially the greatest accent ever. If you dismiss Wilfred some little dumb show , you will be missing out.
Always Sunny is one of great shows on TV right now. its about 4 bars owners and a Dee (the girl pictured to the left). There some of the best chemistry on TV. I was utterly addicted to the show. I binged watched all 9 seasons on Netflix and never looked back. I was like a Crack feen when I heard season 10 was coming soon. I would call one of them out and tell you how great of job their doing but they are great at what they do.

These were all my favorite show of 2014 and I have watched through all these shows at least twice. Always sunny and Louie are still on the air. unfortunately Wilfred has ended but Season 4 still hasn't came to Netflix. I Still have some thing to look forward to. These shows are truly phenomenal  and go out watch them right now. 

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