Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fable 3 Review: The Hero's Easy Journey

                   Story: Fable III takes place in Albion a mystical country. You are hero. The story takes place as sort of of mix between medieval and industrialization revolution (with some magic thrown in). You’re basically a kid who’s supposedly next “hero of Albion”. Your mentor and father figure is named Walter a knight who fought with your father. Your father is the hero of fable II.  Your brother is a tyrant named Logan (the baddie in the story sort of keep reading). So eventually   you and Walter escape royal Castle with jasper a wise crack in butler (he quite funny sometimes).  So most of game comes down to rounding the whole kingdom together by doing missions and getting experience. So eventually you and your allies will take Albion for the people. You will come face to face with your brother Logan and have a less than a stellar (if you could call it that) boss battle with Logan (very anticlimactic). So you have to decide whether brother can live or die. Well first you’re like no dah I going to kill him he made everybody into poor and hungry. But then he (Logan) tells you there some mystical evil coming and you only have year to prepare. So he will aid you in this fight from previous experiences I knew it was true so then I chose to spare him. As basically as king you have raise 6.5 million dollars but by doing this you have to be a tyrant to save money because earlier you had to make promises to all of different parts of the kingdom to improve their quality of life. But you have basically have to choose to ether be savior and spend all of your money on improvements you promised or save Albion from the impending doom.  
            Gameplay: it a combat RPG what consists of gunplay, melee and magic its pretty fun and is only real problem is that ridiculously easy I have not once died through a video game doesn’t have to be ridiculously hard it just can’t be stupidly easy and another thing what up with no heath bar or money display on the screen I have to go to a whole another room In the game just to find out how much my money I have it gets really annoying sometimes. But level design its really interesting like one of the mission you’re your shrunk down to dungeon and dragon board game with much nerds coming up with it on fly and you sort of start to get the British humor in the game because studio what made the game is from great Britain. 
     Now I could keep going and going but if you have pc or Xbox 360 try fable III out you just might enjoy it.Fable 3 has its problems but is unique enough to stand on its own to other RPGS.
WT Score 88/100


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