Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Battlefield is Better than Call of Duty

One of my biggest problems with Call of Duty after I get to the top level online like 80.  I’m sort of burnt out on playing online. I do have fun with Brennen and Brent playing all kinds of game modes like search and destroy (what it comes down to is best of 5 rounds and when you die then you have to wait respawn) and hardpoint (is search and destroy with respawning and a moving capture points).
Call of Duty is the best money making annualized franchise out there right now. Since 2009 they have made a billion dollars on each one of their games. Call of duty is by far the most popular franchise for the past couple of years.
Call of Duty: it’s hard to innovate when one of your games comes out ever year but Activision who owns rights to Call of Duty made another studio named Tre-Arch start producing every other year.  I watched the Call of Duty ghost trailer (release date of Call of Duty Ghosts November 5th 2013   ) it really didn’t impress me I own every major Call of Duty release except the original (2003). Now the three big things that got people buzzing is that you can play as a chick (what I think the twelve year olds will take the wrong way) dogs that have been in previous games, and destroyable things that are really cheesy like hitting a bus with a rocket launcher and knocking  it down a hill. Now compared with his cousin Battlefield you can knock down a complete skyscraper. The last complaint or “impressive” thing in the trailer is the Eminem song which plays in the back ground, don’t get me wrong it’s awesome but I still think it’s dumb due to the fact that I think it distracts from focusing what the game itself is doing. I pre-ordered Xbox-One and Battlefield 4. I will be able to play with 64 players online, which is going to be insane . Frostbite 3 engine graphics are going to be truly next gen(generation of consoles) . Now with 64 players,  impressive graphics, the fact that almost everything is destructible, with drivable vehicles its hard arguing that Call of Duty is better. I will say that the single player in the Call of Duties have been a lot better than battlefield 3.
Battlefield has it fair share of problems the co-op campaign was meh (ok) because of no spilt screen and no private match that’s essential for the one-v-one situations in first person shooters. The story in the single player was average wasn’t anything special I did enjoy some of the set piece moments that look awesome.
I will still buy Call of Duty Ghosts but with Battlefield 4 and Destiny, Titanfall on the horizon they better watch out for their dominance on first person shooter market.                            

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