Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Survival guide

The fabled holiday, of shopaholics and people trying to save money for Christmas. This will be my third year going into battlegrounds. You need to be ready for when it starts. 

  •  First you need to find your "deal" personally I'm going for the 4k tv at Best Buy. 

  • Go a couple of hours early at least to figure out where everything is going to be at, it's not crazy for them move TVS to the fruit section, trust me.

  • Also be ready to wait outside depending on the store. They could possibly lock you out. Then those that are open for 24/7 like Walmart where you can find stuff in the store before deal starts. They usually have the Deal Items wrapped up, so watch out for those.

  • Another thing is bring a crew. It doesn't  hurt if your going for multiple items.Also when in the heat of hundreds of people , don't be afraid to "move some people out of your way" . 

  •  Also when you win your TV, make sure you have room in your vehicle. 

If you follow these steps you will Black Friday.

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