Saturday, December 20, 2014

Observant Part 1

Or the lack of. I went to McDonalds about 17 miles away at noon.Noon is when the masses go to McDonalds. I saw some the most interesting people watching I have ever done. I think I have better understanding for 21st century people and the McDonald employes. Now when driving the closer I got to civilization the crazier things were 

Then I got to McDonalds. there were probaly a 75-100 people were at McDonalds between the drive thru and inside.Well I swore to myself that I would never work at McDonalds after seeing that many people . This also made me thankful for my job. I have what you would call a highschool job as a cashier and it would never get that busy in a hundred years. So I know a lot of us think we have it rough as students or teachers but just because you think they don't deserve to be over the poverty line because you don't think you make enough is rigged. I dont think the minmum wage should be raised but it should be for a massive corporation such as McDonald's what had a 4.9 billion dollar profit. Now one of the bigger arguements is that are troops in Iraq only get paid approximately excluding benefits 19,000 dollars. Now I think instead of telling the McDonalds people to suck it up. I think the McDonalds could cut there profit magin by a smige and the goverment could raise the soldier salarys a little just saying that f###### ridiculous that soldier only get paid 19,000 as a private. I aint gettin shot for minimum wage. The U.S miltary budget is bigger than the next 10 countries combined. So stop spending all of the money on your Black Projects and start spending it on your troops.

 Time to get back to McDonalds and I walked through the front door and a long behold another McDonald customer had spilled there orange pop in front of the front door. I got in line that was basically a less dangerous version of the Hunger Games. That's were thing got interesting. At first I saw a manager and a troubled kid try to clean it  but he grabbed the wrong mop so he was told to go get a different more effective mop. The manager had to back to the front line ( cash register). So then some elderly people walked in and didn't notice the spot and proceeded to walk right into the spot. They were utterly disgusted and they saw the Chaos, So they left. There two sides to this scenario on the one side you this old people who were disgusted by the spill and then you had the poor manager with troubled kid who got the wrong mop. No one was really at fault but they both had completely different perspectives on stain. it was a chore for one and a disgusting thing for the other one.  The next people who walked were a dad and son there were possibly the most oblivious people I had ever seem they walked right through the mess without a care in the world and then proceeded to track filth throughout the whole McDonald's.  

  Its funny that I could've just been ignorant to whole situation and then proceed with my day but I chose to access the situation what is a skill what is disappearing by every  generation o .

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