Wednesday, December 3, 2014

VGXS/VGAS are they even worth it

The VGAs or VGXS are a yearly gaming award show what takes place in December. This has been a hot topic in the gaming industry either for its ridiculous show what is at some points cringe worthy or its awesome reveals such as No Mans Sky what looks like the next big thing.

So who runs the show,Geoff Keighley. He is the heart and soul of the VGAS. He has made some poor choices in the past such as hiring Joel Mchale who during the 2013 show and Joel completely ripped him a new a##hole. You could even tell he was getting upset with Joel. He has a tainted history such as when Geoff was pictured with Doritos and Mountain Dew (pictured left: for people that dont know that is a bad sign in gaming industry that you have been bought out by the big guys).

So why do I still support Geoff because I think he is a genuine gamer who has been in the industry since his childhood and I think his corporate overlords Cough (Spike TV) mainstream his show for the YOLO generation. I have watched him on Gametraliers and on previous VGAS and I truly think hes a good guy .

So if you have time and your mildly interested in video games. I think you should give the VGAS a shot. They have gotten away from there Spike TV overlords and they do have some good content on their show such as mini Documentaries , interviews and of course game reveals. 

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